Grade 1 Curriculum Choices 2016/17

We are changing things up this year and stepping away from Five in a Row as our main curriculum.  We will likely still visit it periodically, as we just love the curriculum.  Even so, we have decided to give Simply Charlotte Mason a try.  This little gal will be working alongside her brother for most subjects.

I chose Early Modern & Epistles as our history study, with a substitution of Donna Ward's Courage and Conquest:  Discovering Canadian History in place of the two days of American History. 

Scripture Memory will be from Seeds of Family Worship and Awana. 

I am not using the Individual Study found at Simply Charlotte Mason, instead I'm choosing to do our own thing.  For Grade 1 science we will be reading many "living" science books such as Burgess books and Outdoor Secrets - already a favorite

For handwriting and language arts we are doing copy work by Kathy Jo DeVore.

Grade 1 math will be the Alpha book from Math-U-See. 

We won't do the habit training offered at Simply Charlotte Mason, but rather will be studying character with Kids of Integrity, Everyday Graces by Karen Santorum, A Little Book of Manners:  Courtesy & Kindness for Young Ladies by Emilie Barnes, and themed picture books.

For sex ed we are using Why Boys And Girls Are Different - Girls Edition by Carol Greene.

That's it!

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