Thoughtful Stocking Stuffers {or small gifts} for Kids

We are making our list and checking it twice for the upcoming holiday season.  Here in the West Word house we get 3 gifts a piece plus a stocking.  I try to make our stockings be mostly meaningful/educational toys.  Something with a purpose other to be at the bottom of the toy bin one month after Christmas.

Our list this year:

Maestro Classics is at the top of our list.  The kids and I recently reviewed The Nutcracker and we all fell so in love with these stories set to music.  These are great to take along on those long car rides to visit family.  Check them out on Friday for a not to be missed sale!!  (We'll be scooping up Peter and the Wolf and The Story of Swan Lake.)

Any kid enjoys a fun pencil to help get their work done.   Our eldest will be finding "super trained & stealthy" ninjas in his stocking.  The little lady will be getting Unravels.  These crayons peel away to reveal hidden riddles and jokes.  So fun for a our new reader!  Both of these can be found in store at places similar to Mastermind Toys or Chapters !ndigo.  They are also found on Amazon.

Little books are so books fit so nicely into stockings - and they are an excellent take-along for long car rides.  This year our science lover will be getting Human Body, while little brother will find Cars in his stocking.  These are found in many retail stores and on Amazon.

Toobs by Safari Ltd. are so fun for imaginative play.  You can search Safari's website for a store near you.  I am so excited for our avid dinosaur lover to find dino skulls in his stocking!  (Our cat lover will of course be finding cats in her stocking).  We found our Toobs are Mastermind Toys and once at a museum!  They are also on Amazon, but if you're in Canada you're better off finding a retailer.

Padraig is a maker of the best slippers my child was ever gifted - 8 years ago!  They are still around and are now worn by our 3rd child.  These slippers are pricey, but so well made and long lasting.  They are made of sheepskin and wool.  A wonderful gift for baby's first Christmas!!  Padraig offers a very nice store locater to find a seller near you.

If you have a little lady (or lad!) that loves dolls, consider buying little adorable cloth diapers!  Three years ago we purchased from Baby Doll Diapers by Missy  and we have yet to be disappointed in our little doll diapers.

Winter is such a long season to endure, I think especially for homeschoolers being cooped up together all day all season.  Help get the wiggles out with Slap SHOTZ when it is too cold to safely go outside and play hockey!  (We found ours at Chapters !ndigo)

Sumoku is a fun game that can easily fit into the stocking of an older kid (8+).  Other fun games to fit in stockings would be
  • Rory's Story Cubes Mix.  We are going to get Enchanted for the girlie and Prehistoric for the big bro.  When mixed I think it'll be so fun for them!
  • Bananagrams sells cute games for the younger crew, like Pairs and Pears.
  • Kandoole Extreme would be fun for an older kid.
And that concludes our thoughts so far!  What are you thinking of stuffing your stockings with?

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