Sidewalk Paint

This week we made a super quick ( to put together ) little art activity we found at Domestic Charm.

I took 1 cup of water and 1 cup of corn starch and whisked it in a glass measuring cup.  It takes a moment to get it all moving, but once it was mixed I poured it into a little muffin tin and added wilton gel food coloring to each muffin cup.

The kids had a blast and I enjoyed watching what each came up with.  Connor drew "cave paintings" while Emma drew girls and popsicles.  Sammy just slopped lines and painted over his big brother and big sister's paintings.

We got lots of comments from the neighborhood kids on how bright our little spot was.... until the rain washed it all away. 

Afterwards the kids decided to see what else would "paint" onto the sidewalk from our yard - mulberries and dandelions!

See what else we have up our sleeve for potential summer fun on our Summer Lovin' Pinterest Board:

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