The Carrot Seed {BFIAR}

The Carrot Seed, by Ruth Krauss, is such a short and simple book and yet one of the most loved titles we've "rowed" with Before Five in a Row (BFIAR) - even with my 8 year old.  In fact, my 8 year old had a friend over for dinner one night and the friend picked up the book and read it out loud to us all.  They all giggled at the end with the illustration of the huge bushy carrot stem next to the little boy.  All the kids agree with many laughs, "That's not a carrot!!".  Oh but it is, kids.  

We had checked out a book from our library, Plants Feed Me.  I put the books side by side to show them that, while exaggerated, the plant next to the boy is indeed a carrot. 

While we were learning from the Plants Feed Me book Emma asked where sugar comes from, so I pulled up a video from YouTube.  Meanwhile Sammy got sidetracked off onto tractors.
In addition to Plants Feed Me, we checked out several other related books on the topic of plants and growth.  My favorite find though, was Cool Carrots from Garden to Table.  This book starts out talking about how you can grow your own carrots at home in a pot.  So we set out to the dollar store to buy the biggest pot we could find and planted our own tiny little seeds.  Included in the book were several recipes centered around carrots.  We had just made a silly impulse buy at our Costco of a humongous bag of carrots, so I was quite glad to use up some.  We made carrot muffins and carrot soup, which was delicious.
Since we were cooking so many carrots I saved one top and put it in a saucer and asked the kids if they thought it would grow.  "No way!", as the laughed at me.  Days later they were pleasantly surprised.
For art I asked Emma to draw anything she likes and narrate to me her story.
1)  "This is Emma planting carrots and watering the carrot so it can grow.  She is also growing donuts from the ground."
2)  "This is Emma planting and sweating on a hot sunny day she has a sandwich in her mouth and milk and her hand." 
In addition to our regular bible devotions, we focused on diligence this week using Kids of Integrity and Character First Education.  The kids love listening to the nature story while coloring the animal printout.
We ended the week with a field trip to a local nature area where they had a program running where the kids could plant native seeds to take home.  Emma chose to plant milkweed.
Here's Emma on her planting day and her seedlings three weeks to the day later.

(My intent with these posts is to just share our experience with the BFIAR (before five in a row) curriculum.  I stray away from the manual because this is my 5th year with the company and I feel more confident in my teaching than I did when I started, so I add and adjust depending on our moods and what's available at our library.  Please don't compare your school to our school.  Yours may look different, and that is perfectly okay.)

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  1. Oh my goodness, what a fun learning week! I love the pictures that they drew and your carrot muffins and soup look yummy!


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