Goals for February


Last month I set myself few, but meaningful goals.  I'm taking baby steps this year to better nourish myself.  My end goal is to re-train my thinking.  In my own poor thinking I've set myself up for a hard year, last year, emotionally.  I've developed some powerful anxieties.  It's a hard road to walk on.  I was presented with the offer for meds, but in the end I've decided to face my problems head on.  It is much scarier to face them than to mask them behind medication. 

This month I want to fill my mind with purposeful books, not fluff or Facebook nonsense.

Personal goals:
Blog Goals:
  • Finish reading and reviewing the next book I had selected. 
  • write once a day, even if "behind the scenes" (drafts). 
Family/Household Goals
  • have a worry and stress free birthday extravaganza month.  Seriously though.  February is such a terrible time for us diet wise, with more than half the family crammed into one month.
  • leave phone downstairs at night.  My phone died yesterday, leaving me devastated I lost a precious video.  But what I did learn is I slept much better without the distraction of my phone to fall asleep to.
  • have more strict no-tech times during the day - including mommy!
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  1. February is the West birthday month. Ha! I have also learned that I will never be, "Holly the runner," and stopped putting pressure on myself to do it. Instead, I've been liking the 7 minute Workouts app. :)


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