We're Going on a Bear Hunt {b4FIAR}

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we're going on a bear hunt

*We're Going on a Bear Hunt, by Michael Rosen, was the one title I was most anticipating for our school year.  We first visited this book with Connor, years ago, and immediately fell in love and bought our own copy.  I never shared what fun Connor and I had with this, but I certainly want to share this time around.

This post is not intended to replace the b4fiar manual.  There is a wealth of invaluable information to be found there.  I'm sharing mostly what we did in addition to the manual.  I'm doing this curriculum with my preschool and 2nd grader, so I've added things into our days, to bring it up to his level.


nature study
We've been focusing a lot on bears this year.  (there's a lot of books with bears in the FIAR curriculum).  So for science we just did a more broad focus, like habitat and season.  Since it was fall, I chose forest.
Books we read:

This week was the week I reviewed the e-book Creative Nature Study for The Schoolhouse Review Crew.  After reading the e-book we set out on our own "bear hunt" in the forest, collecting bits of nature and talking about nature.

Our previous unit on Angus Lost came in so handy on our forest walk.  Not only did we get lost, for a brief time, but we also met up with a dog (and owner).  As I said in our wrap up of Angus Lost, the kids beg to pet each one they come across.

Social Studies:

We talked of families (human and animal), using books from the library.

Books we read:
Language Arts:

I found a great book:  *How Much Can a Bare Bear Bear?: What Are Homonyms and Homophones? by Brian P. Cleary.  It was a nice way to teach about homonyms and homophones, and even provided a laugh or two.  In the weeks since he'll excitedly come up to me and announce other homonyms/homophones he's thought of.

Both kids happily participated in my nursery rhyme of choice this week, which was Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear.

For additional fun reading we read *Little Bear.


Emma worked on her number skills with a printout from Homeschool Share, Teddy Bear Number Skills.

Together, Emma and Connor played a 1:1 correspondence game using a Printable Leaf Mat from Hubbard's Cupboard.  They took turns rolling a die and then putting that many marbles on top.

Lastly, Emma sorted gummy bears into cups.

we're going on a bear hunt

book we read:

I came across an adorable craft/activity over at Buggy and Buddy, and we did our own map!  The kids absolutely loved this activity.  We used what we had on hand: crimped green cardstock, shiny blue paint, brown paint (with sandbox sand), shaving cream w/ glitter, twigs from the backyard and craft foam (with googly eyes) to complete our map.  Emma also felt the need to draw herself at the start, as well as a sun because "it is a beautiful sunny day!".

we're going on a bear hunt

Momma favorite (pic) of the week:

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Michael Rosen acting out the story

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