Froggie Went A-Courtin' {2nd grade study}

This will be our 5th year homeschooling.  For the past 4 years my main focus, in schooling, has been on Connor, with Emma (and now Sam) tagging-along.

For our 5th year, we are changing things up and for a few reasons I am focusing on Emma this year, with Connor "going along" in her themes.  This week Emma was rowing, with FIAR, Abc Bunny

As a 2nd grader this year, ABC Bunny is much to young for Connor, however, I found the cutest things to tie in this unit, for his age.

While Emma was rowing ABC Bunny, our main "theme" that we focused on were things that could go along with camping, like nature, weather and insects.  (because we were going to go camping at the end of the week).

So for Connor, his main book was Frog Went A-Courtin'.  I found this to be the perfect fit to accompany our theme of the week, with a cute and imaginative little twist.  It is about a gentlemanly frog who falls in love and courts and marries Miss Mouse, then goes on to tell of their wedding where many insects and other animals attend.  (There is a great unit study at Homeschool Share.)
Our library has several different versions of this classic ballad.  I looked at most of them and didn't like those versions.  One was about a gold digging frog.  (!?)  Another had Frog just hopping animal to animal until someone accepted his proposal.  (!?)  The ballad by John Langstaff was the only one I found appropriate and morally sound to have my kid read.

Also, there's this completely adorable ballad song by Elizabeth Mitchell, on YouTube.

Being that Emma's preK book study and Connor's 2nd grade book study had a common theme, we were able to learn some things as a group.  One of the things we did was make insect creations out of playdough.
In Emma's preK we are using Scholastic Sing-a-long science and this week we were focusing on "What would we do without bugs".  The printout for it, I felt, was not too young for Connor so I printed one for him as well.  Meet Veloci-Spider.
He also labeled a bee, with a worksheet from 
For additional insect learning we read:
  • various non fiction bug books.  There's so many.
  • Why Mosquitoes Buzz in Peoples Ears and more African Folk Tales. Because we were to go camping, and what's camping without mosquitoes...  I picked out this folktale to read.  Once at the library I couldn't find the copy (our library was just updated and things are moved).  I did, however, find a better option.  Scholastic storybook treasure... read by James Earl Jones!!  So it went like this:  "Connor!!  I found you a story for this week, read by Darth Vader!!!"  I'm so cool.
To learn more about mosquitoes, we a printout from Enchanted Learning.
The kid loves science.  Emma wasn't interested in her Abc Bunny printouts for classification.  I felt it wasn't too young for Connor, so we laid them all out and sorted them into groups.  (and it all matched with Frog Went a Courtin)

We ended the week with firefly catching.
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