Make Way For the Ducklings {FIAR}

Make Way for Ducklings is an adorable book by the award winning children's author Robert McCloskey.  This one is set in the Boston Public Gardens and follows a cute little duck family, Mr. and Mrs. Mallard.

The kids were in love with the humorous story and the simple, yet very expressive, illustrations.

We "rowed" this, using Five in a Row {FIAR: vol 2}, with a preschooler (age 3), a 1st grader, and a 1 yr old whom insists to be included.  This isn't to replace the wonderful manual, but to show what we chose to do in addition to the manual.


This week we focused on being faithful.  We used some of the many ideas from the free lessons at Kids of Integrity:  Faithfulness.  There are many choices for memory verses to go with this trait;  we chose:
"Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one's life for one’s friends. You are my friends if you do what I command." John 15:13-14
I thought it was a fitting verse to go along with the actions of the policeman in Make Way for Ducklings .  He didn't literally "lay down his life", but he did certainly but others above himself.

We started by listening to and singing Verse 5 from Seeds of Faith (No Greater Love), using a visual aid and copywork from Bible Story Printables

The Kick-off Craft from Kids of Integrity was a hit:  beaded necklaces.  Connor (who showed up to the craft as a duck) spelled out "love", and Emma put Emma, hearts, and a bunch of random letters. 

This week I had came across this awesome poster created by Burning Through Pages.  I seen it and was giggling to myself, then I turned around to Connor dressed as a duck.  So of course I then shared my own little collage on my personal page.  I'll share it here too.  ;)

Back to the bible lessons, we continued with Kids of Integrity's lessons, reading from the bible and discussing each day, and we also listened to Songs for Saplings: ABC, F is for Friends.

Little Sammy has started to demand to be included and felt like such a big boy when I plopped him in a chair for bible study.

I found the easiest way to read a story that has no pictures, like the stories of the Bible, is to have the kids color.  We used Bible Virtues Coloring Pages, downloaded and printed.  "Jonathon and David" was perfect for this lesson.


A while back we found this wonderful site, Learn Create Love, and we've loved it so much we one of her crafts each week.  This week the obvious choice was a duck.

Connor likes to put brads on them to make a moveable craft.

Emma likes to glue hers to a sheet of paper.  She named this creation "Nightmare Duck."

We also (prompted from the manual) talked about the illustrations done by Robert McCloskey.  We mimicked it using only brown crayon or marker.  I have no idea what they drew though.  ha!

Language Arts and Math:

We used printables from:
Science and Social Studies:

We checked out a couple books from the library.  Reading them often looked like this:  (all of us on the floor with Sammy in my lap)

Recently I changed up where we store our library finds.  Now we put them in a basket on the floor and it is so super.  I often find the kids flipping through the books on their own.

When you subscribe to the FIAR blog you get access to their great "Fold-N-Learns".  I printed off several of the pages from this unit and Connor enjoyed those too - especially the duck joke.  This one was better suited for Connor's age (7) whereas for Emma (3) we used the one mentioned earlier, from 123 Homeschool4Me.

I'm a Duck activity pack (sequencing and such) was great for both Emma and Connor to use.

We pulled out our Usborne 100 Science Experiments book and did the experiment on page 51, floating an egg before and after salt.

Hands On Fun:

We went to the park looking for ducklings!  We noticed that we had an island at our park just like Mr. and Mrs. Mallard did, in the book, so we discussed why we thought the ducks and geese would want their nests there.

Our first visit, in April after a very long and cold winter, we found no ducklings yet.  We seen Mrs. Mallard which was a good clue that she hadn't laid all her eggs yet - otherwise she'd be on the nest or with her ducklings!

The second visit, Spiderman could only find Mr. Mallard, which meant that Mrs. Mallard was keeping the eggs toasty warm.  We gave them a good 20 some days before visiting again, to be sure they had all their ducks in a row this time. (ha ha)

And we found brand new hatched ducklings!  So tiny that daddy duck wouldn't let them stray more than a few steps from the bushes, where their nest was.  We did see goslings though, that were happy to have a treat of oats we brought!  {Please do NOT feed ducks bread!  Click here on why}

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