Weekly Wishes, W1

I'm attempting something new.  I'm joining up over at The Nectar Collective for Weekly Wishes, which I first heard wind of on my cousin's blog, Our Holly Days.  This week's theme is "colorful".  I think it's clear that I had to dig into the archives for this one, being that baby bro is wearing shorts.  lol.  This is Sam.  He doesn't get much attention here, lately.  On the blog I mean - he gets plenty of attention at home.  This photo was right after Sammy's first haircut at Cookie Cutters.  The cutest (and most colorful) place for a kid's first haircut.
This week's wishes:
  1. photograph moreNot with the iPhone, but with my expensive "I have to have this" camera.  A whole year has come and gone, and I barely have any real photos.  How incredibly sad!!!
  2. document more of life outside of our school.  Don't get me wrong, when I'm looking back at all we've accomplished in homeschool, I am thankful I document it.  Plus my hope is to help others that are just starting out.  I'm so grateful for fellow homeschool bloggers and the time they took to point (link) me in the right direction.  However .... years are flying by and I'm not documenting life.  I miss that.  My intent is not to give up the homeschool side of the blog.  But to add back in topics we started with - photography and life happenings.  Of course, this will take more than a week.  Maybe I should add this wish each week.  ha!
  3. send out Christmas cards.  I haven't sent out actual real deal cards in so long.  I was of the mindset that digital is the way to go.  Saves paper.  Saves money.  But as the years go on, everyone is getting less and less social.  Like actual social - social.  Facebook don't count, y'all.  Real mail?  We get like one a year now.  And I miss it.  I want to connect in a more real way with those I love the most.  Digital = impersonal. 
  4. get new ornaments for the kids.  Each year we get a new ornament that relates to each little one's current passion/love.
  5. relax.  Relax!  Each year (of homeschool) I get super burnout.  This year I had the "ah ha" (more like "duh") moment to schedule myself - and the kids! - breaks.  Otherwise, I feel too much pressure.  Like I'm slacking or falling behind.  And we run ourselves dry.  This year, I made - and printed - a biannual schedule.  With huge words for the next 3 weeks of our life that read:  BREAK.  Now .... do it! 
The Nectar Collective

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  1. Yay! So excited you're doing these Weekly Wishes!


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