Weekly Photo Challenge: Printables

I have to admit I wasn't too excited to see this topic (sorry!  lol)  As a homeschool blogger, I feel like sometimes this is my only topic.  We use a whole bunch of printables, which I link to when I share a photo of the kids using any. 

But, printables don't need to be used by only homeschoolers.  I have printed some that I think would be great in any young family, whether public schooled or homeschooled.  For example, check out this adorable nativity puppet theater offered by an illustrator, for free!  We downloaded this a couple years ago and use it each Christmas!

(my husband didn't know what it was and threw away our box that held the background, but we still have the puppets!)

I pulled out the puppets again this year and left them for the kids to find.  Connor was so thrilled and scooped them up right away, lost in his play for at least an hour.  (and your puppets can look even better if you use better brads then I did, lol)

I highly encourage you to check out her shop, too.  I just adore her illustrations!

Another great thing to print for kids are story props from their favorite books.

Our current winter time favorite is Froggy Gets Dressed.  Emma is always "flop flop flopping" her way thru parking lots and stores when we are out shopping.  It's so cute and sweet.  And when Connor is resisting instructions to get dressed, I'll just call out "Froooooggyyyy!" which always makes him laugh and run off to get dressed.

I found these cute printables for them to play with.

Connor put Froggy on the window so he could "play in the snow".  =)

I don't always laminate our printables, because then I can't compost them when we're done.  But for the props, I do.

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  1. I know, it was a weak subject lol. I just had to think of something haha. Thanks for joining in anyway! :)

    I love that nativity scene - great find. (And so cute that Froggy is playing in the snow.)


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