I is for Icecream

This week, in preschool, we focused on letter I in addition to tagging along with big brother's five in a row.

Emma is in love with ice cream, and has been for at least 2 of her 3 young years.  I attempted to include other books, like Inch by Inch by Leo Lionni.  She was not amused.  "I don't like inchworms!! I like ice cream!!!"

Ice cream it is then!

I pulled out Connor's crafty ABCs, letter I, from when he did letter I week.  It was luckily an ice cream cone instead of an Iguana.

We read Ice Cream Soup by Ann Ingalls.  This book was great.  When we finished it Emma said, "That's messy!  But ... where are the parents!?"  Too funny!

We also read:
Milk to Ice Cream by Lisa M. Herrington
Should I Share My Ice Cream? by Mo Willems
Yummy Ice Cream: A Book About Sharing by Emma Quay

Emma loves to do worksheets.  So we do many many worksheets.  We began with Ii from Raising Rockstars.  (this is a couple weeks worth, all up on the wall, so her ice cream sheets had no room other than lower right corner, lol)

Our sight word was "can".  Emma loves coloring the sight word color by number from 1+1+1=1 and "reading" the little booklet.

I was lucky to find this Ice-cream Sundae Activity book at the dollar store this week.

We played ice cream shop with Melissa & Doug Ice Cream Scoop Set and also made homemade ice cream.

Unrelated to ice cream:  {ice cream lovers beware!}  ;)

Emma enjoyed practicing writing her name for the first time.  Officially anyways.  (I wrote it first, for her to trace, but she wanted to write it under instead).

On her own she often would ask to play with ABC jigsaw as well as our I Can Spell Words With Three Letters.  She carried them with her all over the house.  Nap time.  Bed time.  Meal times.

Emma was in love with the new iPad app, Endless Reader (currently free!).  She laughed so hard as she learned.

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