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Social Studies:
We located China on our wall map and read a few books:
We had planned on going out to eat at a local Dim Sum restaurant, but didn't make it as I ended up with the flu.  (daddy did school)
I went onto School Sparks and printed off a 100s chart for Connor to stamp each of Ping's family, then tell me how many were all together.
Language Arts:
I have Connor write his verse once, and also several times a week I have him do a page from Kumon: My Book of Sentences.
For Emma, we were focusing on "B is for boat".   She did many various worksheets, because she kept asking for them.
Sam even got into the language arts this week.  ;)

 I found this series of really cute books at the library, "for dragons".  One book on water safety was perfect for our topic of Ping. A Treasure at Sea for Dragon and Me: Water Safety for Kids (and Dragons) 
Afterward Connor and Dad read Ducks Don't Get Wet.  At the back of the book is a nice little experiment to do with oil/water.  Connor loved it, of course.  He loves science.
We use My Body each week to add to the completely creepy model of the kids.  lol.  (the teeth aren't part of the book, I added them when we were talking about dental health).  This week we chose to do lungs because of the master's call for the ducks in the Story of Ping, as well as when you swim (related topic) you hold your breath, periodically.
Also, (again because Connor LOVES science) we did  Everyday Literacy Science, Grade 1 , focusing on week 18:  Bodies of Water.

We did several pages from Living Life Intentionally's Noah's Ark Pack.  Super cute!!
We read from our Read and Share DVD Bible.  Then we read the super duper cute book, A is for Ark: Noah's Journey by Michael Monroe.

 How cute is this!? :
Extra Bits:
Connor is super creative when he wants to be.  He took the magnetic letters and built "Darth Vader" after I told him he had had enough time on the ipad.
Three kids, one bucket of Stackadoos.

B is for Ballerina.  (Emma joined ballet.  Obviously.)
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  1. Looks like a lot of fun! We loved the Story of Ping and the Berenstein Bear Book of Nature! I think FIAR uses a lot of the same books as Sonlight! <3


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