Three Names {FIAR}

Social Studies:
"When my great-grandfather was
young - a hundred years ago, he likes to
say, but that's not true - he went to
school on prairie roads in a wagon pulled
by horses."

We located Canadian prairie land (because we live in Canada).


We learned a little about Buffalo {bison} with coloring pages.

We read A Prairie Boy's Summer .

We learned about horses with a nice little book, Handsome Horses (Perfect Pets) and a little about veterinarians with Pets at the Vet.

For a special surprise, I bought a 1.2.3. Pony Wagon.  It was a huge hit!


We focused on Ordinal numbers, in addition to our math workbook.


Language Arts:

One of the best tools for advancement in Connor's reading has actually been an ipad app that we had for ourselves (the adults).  Scribblenauts Remix.  He found it one day and began spelling, or trying to spell, all kinds of things.  He has made vast improvements, very quickly, just playing this game daily.  He loves it.

But, for things related to our row, Three Names, we did:

Simile Rainbow
Simile printouts

We use Hooked on Phonics First Grade (and have used Hooked on Phonics for 3 years now).  It's come a long way since we first had it.  I love it so much this year.  You go online to the HOP website and register your product and you can print out worksheets to match were you are at on your journey through the book.  There's "real life" reading in the book, like simple recipes the kids read and do.  So love the changes they have made!

The printable this week was a "how to draw a frog" to match the story he read.

He did the drawing, happily, then wanted to cut them out to play with them.

Emma (preschool) is learning sight words using Raising Rockstars Preschool,  and sight word color by number.


"There were spring storms, and sometimes tornadoes with thin dark clouds tunneling down from the sky."
We had some hands on fun with a Tornado in a jar and read Wind as well as Tornadoes!

It's super hard to get a photo of, but it shows well enough.  We don't drink pop here, so this was a nice alternative to the pop bottle tornado.

In Bible study we were learning about the days of creation.  Day 4 God made the sun, so we studied the sun in Connor's science book, Evan Moor Literacy Science Grade 1.  These are really quick, simple lessons so we did them in addition to studying tornadoes, because he loves science so much.


"Pay attention and turn your ear to the sayings of the wise; apply your heart to what I teach."
Proverbs 22:17
We focused this wee on Creation Days 4-7

Day 4 of creation we read from our Read and Share Bible Storybook and Papa, Please Get the Moon for Me .

For Day 5 creation we read from our Read and Share Bible Storybook and then we read Brown Bear, Brown Bear, plus Emma (3) did printables from 1+1+1=1.


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  1. The tornado in a jar turned out great. We haven't done that in a bit.


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