Kindergarten week 5 {LHFHG unit 3}

We're using Heart of Dakota: Little Hearts for His Glory again, after our side step for dinosaur week 1 and week 2

Here's some highlights from our week:
Role Play:
Connor's favorite of this curriculum is the hands on/role play.  Naturally.  He loves it so much I have to save it for last otherwise I lose my student for the remainder of the day.  This week, for one day, we were to role play leaving the tower of Babel and "spread out" to Egypt, Asia and Europe. 
Connor chose to go to "Egypt" and I got down his little suitcase and had him pack up some clothes.  He declared our basement Egypt, the living room Asia and outside he called Greece.  His bedroom was the tower of Babel and was to be avoided at all cost...... like during nap time.  Clever guy.  ;)
Here (below) he's making his way up the stairs from "Egypt" to visit me in "Asia".  But only for one night he made clear.  There were many many days and nights in his one day of role play.  He must have changed clothes 20 times at least.
Sleeping one night in "Asia":
Off to see "Greece":

He played at this all week long.  Even though we moved on from that particular story in the curriculum. 
He also played with a face mask we made in Sunday School last year.
Connor's other love is the hands on science.  I'm guessing because it's hands on.  He is such a tactile learner. 
One day this week we were to take different spices and such and match them up, using the sense of smell, like Esau did with Jacob's soup. 
Connor did this several times he loved it so much.  Then he saved it to show Daddy when he got home. 
He gagged a bit at the lemon juice then had a good long 5 minute laughing fit.
We use Hooked on Phonics, then supplement/review through out the week with Bob Books and printables from Walking by the Way.
I also pulled out our sorting -ap and -am printables we used last year from Caps for Sale, from Homeschool Creations.
A prompt from the curriculum was to write/trace his name and a word to describe himself compared to Granny Fox.  He chose to say "Connor is scurvy."  Haaa!  (He was pretending to be a pirate that day).
There was some hands on math to do, suggested by the curriculum.  It was a bit easy for Connor (he excels at math and language arts) so I upgraded it from "use a manipulative to make the number and easy math problems" to a greater than, less than lesson.  We used sister's crocodile to "eat up" the larger numbers.  He struggled with "equals", so I tried re-wording for him in a way I thought he might understand.  "If Aunt Becky is 4 yrs old and Mommy is 4 yrs old, who is bigger?" (we're twins).  His answer?  "Well..... you are, because you have a big belly!"
And that wraps up our week review in pictures!  ;)
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  1. So much fun! My daughter loves hands on/role playing too! :)

  2. How fun to travel through Egypt, Asia, and Greece! You can tell that you inspire the Love of Learning :) through his smiling face.

  3. WOW - how fun are you? I've forgotten about roll playing (oldest 9yrs youngest 5 yrs)

  4. I'm using Little Hearts with my 9 year old. We just finished Unit 17. Thank you for sharing.

  5. your little guy is so so so cute! My girl LOVES the role playing activities in LHFHG, but sometimes she gets so into it that where we end up is nowhere near where we started! We just finished up unit 6. Enjoyed your overview :)


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