Kindergarten Week 4 - Dinosaurs!! (part 2)

Dino Week

We've taken a break from our regular curriculum to learn about Connor's current passion. Dinosaurs! The kid lives and breathes dinos. Every day, several times a day he is caught watching "Walking with Dinosaurs: A Natural History" on our netflix. And playing dinosaurs. And acting like a dinosaur. So it was time we spent a week {or two} learning more. ;)

We used the Creation Based Dinosaur Unit from Homeschool Share.

Each day we read from:

Week 1 is here.

For day 5 we read Dinosaurumpus!.  This was one of Connor's favorites we've read so far.  Maybe because he loves to role play and I had him act out all of the actions the dinos would do in this book.  I would hear him often the rest of the week acting out one of the dinosaurs or quoting something from the book.

Afterwards we colored and cut out puppets (linked in the unit study from Homeschool Share) and I collected various supplies for him to make the "dinorama" suggested from the unit study.  It was fun to watch what he did with each of the supplies I got out - he did such different things than I thought he would.  Like making a nest with "eggs" and taking some glitter glue to make a "drinking hole".

Day 6 we got out Connor's clay.  Okay, we didn't have to "get it out" as he's forever playing with the stuff.  Anywho... we read Dinosaur Tracks , and then made our own "fossils".  We planned on making a fossil from Bill Nye the Science Guy's Great Big Dinosaur Dig, but never got to it.  This book has many really cool ideas though.

He then made a pretty cool dino from the clay.  Don't ask me what it is.  I'd probably mispronounce it anyways.  =P

Little sister was doing her owl craft and I had planned on Connor doing one too, thinking he'd want to do what she did, as usual.  Boy was I wrong.  He wanted to draw dinos instead.  Duh, Mom, get a clue!  He reenacted, on paper, one scene from the Museum we visited on the weekend.  Connor's description of his drawing:  "Three Velociraptors are on the Tenotosaurs' back to attack and the fourth Deinonychus is biting the Tenotosaurs' neck to kill."

Day 7 we read Edwina, The Dinosaur Who Didn't Know She Was Extinct .  This sparked many questions from Connor.  Like why the boy was so mean, why Edwina was so happy.  Etc.

In the early morning before sister was up, Connor liked to play games on Zoodles

Meanwhile:  his dinosaurs gathered to learn about themselves and how they are suppose to act, via Walking with Dinosaurs on Netflix.

Afterwards I printed out and set up some easel art for Connor to paint two dinos. 

We started day 8 by reading There's NO Such Thing as a Dragon.  Connor immediately got down and started role playing the book.  He, of course, was the dragon and I was the unbelieving mom, naturally.

Afterwards we made a dino egg!  I hid a small dinosaur inside the balloon then we got to work.  At first Connor wanted nothing to do with it, but watch ME get all gluey and messy.  When I began the 2nd coat he decided it was okay to get dirty, and wanted to do it by himself.  Since I participated in this one, there's no pictures of the process.  I did get one of the dry time though.  I was sunny and hot out, so the laundry line was the perfect spot.  ;)

While waiting.... and waiting.... and impatiently waiting for the dino egg to dry Connor stalked around the house as a dinoaur.  "Careful mom, you're being watched by a Utahraptor.  ..... Now the Utahraptor is within stiking distance!!"

He must have then remembered the morning's reading of What Really Happened to the Dinosaurs?, where we briefly read about kings and knights, because then he turned into a king and demanded royal treatment. ;)  (no really, he order his dad out of his "throne").  p.s., that is not a bath robe, it's a king's robe.

The following day (Friday) the 'egg' was finally dry and Connor could hardly stand himself until I agreed to pop the balloon so he could see what was inside. 

And that concludes our 2 week study of dinosaurs.  You'd think that would have satisfied him.  But no.  We brought all books back to the library and he came home with this: Dinosaurs by Steve Brusatte.  This book is HUGE!

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  1. Love the puppets & the fossils!

  2. I love your dinorama! We're doing dinosaurs this week, I might have to do something similar.

  3. Wonderful site thanks a lot to your great ideas.


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