Paper Mama Photo Challenge: Movement

my entry for paper mama's photo challenge:  Movement

I was hugely pregnant and had no energy to play with my energetic son, so I took him to the park to run off steam.  He did just that, run.  Sort of like a dog that you let off the leash, and they run around like a maniac until they collapse in a heap.  Not saying Connor is like a  Just that his actions reminded me of one let off a leash.

The Paper Mama



  1. Love this shot....and how his shirt says it all. Such a happy camper!

  2. this is such a cute shot and i can totally relate to your caption. your header image is amazing also!

  3. I hate that you have to clarify that for idiotic people who assume a mother would actually be serious when they say that.

    Connor looks faboosh in those sunglasses! Hahaha!


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