Joy of Love: Days 17 & 19-23

Day 17:
Staying in

This one ended up looking awkward to me.  I was trying to portray that when we "stay in" we just hang out.  Watch a movie.  Except it isn't this stiff.  lol.  I just wanted everyone in the photo "chilling".  Now everyone looks grumpy.  Actually, after this photo we were all much more relaxed.  Al and I switched spots and were snuggling.  That would have been a better photo to represent "staying in" without looking like I think Al stinks.  ha!

Day 19:
When They're Gone
(my entryway dresser is clean... until Al gets home.)

Day 20:
When They're Home

Day 21:

Day 22:
Face (portrait)

Day 23:

There are SO many I could choose.  But I pick this one.  Partly because I could spend days looking through fb and trying to find a favorite photo and because I love this and decided to just go with it.  Even if I do look like a 12 year old boy.  I blame being only 2 months postpartum (bad hair do choice).  I loove this photo and I love my cousin!  Poor Emma.


1 comment:

  1. I am so glad you are my cousin. For realsies! And really, that humidity wasn't doing any beauty wonders for anyone.

    I LOVE that one of Al & the kids.


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