February Joy of Love: What they do

I have signed up to participate in the joy of love, a FREE class put on by the very talented family photographer, willette.  There's still time to sign up, and you can't get better than free!  =]

I wanted to choose my husband for this project, but he works away from the home, so that leaves my kids if I want to photograph early in the day.  Which I do, because I'm impatient to wait until hubby gets home.  haha.  I still may sneak a photograph or two of him throughout the month.  

I'm hoping it's ok to do both kids, as I can't favor one over the other.

The first photo is Emma.  What she "does" all day is sleep, eat, spit up, drool (massively) and chew her tongue.  She's teething.  (her first tooth officially came in today!)  You can see her little bitty tongue poking through her lips as she explores her new tooth.  awww.

Connor spends a lot of time, even at almost 4 yrs, with his fingers in his mouth.  This is what he does all day and evening. 

I felt that this black/white better suited his photo than color.

Two more of Connor and what he does with his free time.  He is always found using the couch as a table to play with his trucks and cars.  We bought him a kids table, and a foam play mat.  He always chooses the couch, ever since he could crawl he's done this.



  1. i'm signed up for this class as well! stoked!

  2. I love the black & white of Connor!! Amazing!!

    This was hard for me! I posted a few of my photos. I don't think I could pick ONE a day. I like exploring. LOL!

  3. These are SO cute :) I'm doing the Joy of Love ecourse too only I've only finished day 1! And it's still on my camera :(
    LOVE your sepia one. It's maybe still just a little yellow but his eyes look fab and the contrast in his shirt is beautiful.


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