2nd Birthday Photo

Connor's 2nd birthday.  I loved this day.  I blew up an entire package of miscellaneous balloons, and then first put them in his gift, a wooden toy box from Ikea.  Then later while he was playing I moved the balloons to his crib.  After he ate lunch I brought him to his room and let him play in his crib.  He had so much fun!  He ran back and forth squealing with delight.  He would throw out a balloon with all his little 2 year old might, and I'd toss it back in, much to his amusement.  Then he would do a free fall into the balloons, shrieking with laughter as they all would bounce upwards around him.
So. Much. Fun.



  1. this is so adorable, and I love the color. what a great idea!

  2. this is precious. i'm totally doing this for my beans birthday!

  3. So glad you had kids first...I totally steal all of your ideas. I ALMOST posted one of Collin in his crib with his balloons for this challenge, but didn't! Now I'm glad I didn't! LOL!

  4. Oh that's a hoot! I love it! So cute!


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