Fix-it Friday


This is my first time participating in something like this.  Looks fun!

The orginal photo:

A minor edit:

My final edit:


  1. How did you make the eyes pop? I have LR but Im thinking I might need PS! Love the minor edit one!!

  2. I also want to know how you make the eyes pop?!

    I love your final edit! Looks awesome!

  3. I used the dodge tool (available on Picnik too) in PS, on just the eyes. Then I used the burn tool and went over their eyelashes. Then I used the "quick selection tool" and selected just the iris and pupil of the eye, then made an adjustement layer, for levels. I adjusted and put the opactity to my liking (I think about 15-20%).

    The b/w edit is from light room with my "minor edit", I used the preset: B/W blue filter - High Contrast, and then a vignette.

  4. I love the b&w edit! So pretty!


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