30 Days of Me Photo Challenge: Day Thirteen

Day Thirteen: Post a photo of your favorite band or artist. Why do you love this band/artist? What song(s) in particular do you love & why? Post the lyrics to your favorite song by this artist/band & bold the ones that hold the most meaning for you.

me with Justin Hines, Oct 2008
 I am the kind of person that has a new "favorite" song with every new season in life and it has to fit my mood of the day/week too.   There are SO many singers that I only like one or two songs from their album.  There aren't many I'll listen to the whole CD thru, and put on repeat.  Norah Jones is one.  Jack Johnson.  Justin Hines.

I was watching TV one day when a commercial came on.  It was for Wal-mart Walk for Miracles.  It was so cute.  It was this mom chasing a toddler boy around a house and the lyrics playing in the background caught my attention. 
No darling, I can't take your thirst away
but I can show you to the sea.
While you're walking on your path unknown, say, will you think of me.

Well time will tell
I wish you well.
I was instantly in love with the voice and the lyrics.  I wanted to know who the singer was.  It took what seemed forever to find out who he was, online.  Justin Hines. I started googling him trying to find more information.  At the time his first CD was just out or about to come out, I can't remember, so it was hard to find information.

I was shocked to see him and read his biography.  He is a man in a wheelchair - and he can belt out tunes like that!?  wow!  What an inspiration!  He has Larsen Syndrome.  One of the symptoms being incomplete development of the lungs.  I don't know that he has that symptom or not.  All I know is his voice is amazing.  Amazing!

I watched a video of him singing April On the Ground.  This guy has passion.  True passion.  You can see it in his face when he sings. 

Justin is so inspiring and upbeat.  Definitely a "glass half full" guy.  He is so utterly optimistic.  You can't watch an interview with him and not be happier after it is over.  You can't!

After finding his website I went to see where he was from and if he was doing tours.  As luck would have it he was coming to our area in 3 months time.  We immediately bought tickets.

He sounded even better in person.  As an added bonus he was so funny and charismatic!  There was an encore after the concert.  He finally, after much clapping from the audience, came back on stage and said, "Thank you so much.  oooohh.  How embarrassing would it be if we didn't have any more songs to sing? ...  Frère Jacques anyone?  ooohhh, I'm a dork."  Honestly, I love the guy.

Afterwards he stayed in the lobby and signed autographs.  You won't catch Bieber doing that!

We loved his show so much we bought tickets to one just a month later but then had to miss it due to the flu.

I haven't been able to find a show near us since, but you can bet I'll be going when there is!

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