30 days of me: Day 1

30 Days of Me Photo Challenge
Day 1: Post a photo of yourself and 15 facts

15 facts about me:

 1.  I kinda hate thinking of things to say about myself.  lol.
 2.  I will get very red in the face embarrassed for other people.  As well as myelf.
 3.  I have a twin.
 4.  I have two spleens.  Yup, I said it.  I'm a freak.
 5.  We don't subscribe to cable.
 6.  I try to avoid reading or watching the news as I will have uncontrollable hyperventiating sobs if I come across a sad story that involes a child.
 7.  My feet grew with each of my two pregnancies.  yikes.
 8.  I very much dislike the taste of pepsi and coke.
 9.  I wore braces for 5 long years.
10.  I have an intense fear of spiders that seems to get worse as the years pass.
11.  I have a serious addiction to chocolate.
12.  We own 5 different versions of Monopoly.  And I want more.
13.  I like to color.
14.  I'm finding it hard to come up with 15 things.
15.  I'm hungry.  =p

1 comment:

  1. 2. Me tooooo!!!! That's why Dancing with the Stars is so hard for me to watch sometimes!! I get so embarassed FOR them!

    6. Same here. I hate watching the news for that reason alone. A couple of months after Collin was born, a raging lunatic attacked a Mom who was pushing her three month old in a stroller & walking with her three/four year old. He stabbed the infant to death & the Mom & three year old, but they survived. Ever since then, I haven't been able to watch the news past the weather report.

    7. I only have three or four that still fit me!!

    13. Doesn't everyone?!?!?!


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