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Hi, I'm Debbie, the creator of West Word Blog. 

I first began blogging (or journaling as I called it then) back in 2005, for friends and family.  It was a way to occupy my time and share our documented life, being young, newly married and struggling to conceive. 

In 2007 it turned into a way to document the joy and humor of being a first time mom.  In 2010 I created this blog (publically) to continue documenting motherhood and photography.

From there, this blog has evolved from just a documented life blog, to a documented homeschool-life blog.

I didn't ever think I'd be a homeschool mom.  It just sort of came upon me when Connor was 2 and I was getting flack from acquaintances for not enrolling him in a nursery school.  As a stay-at-home mom I couldn't understand the need to send him away during the day, especially after originally thinking my dream of motherhood would never come true.  Here I was, finally a mother, and I was to send him away??  No way.  When it came time for him to be sent to school for JK, I still wasn't ready to send him off, and neither was he.

I never thought homeschooling could be so rewarding (and so challenging!).

My blog turned from a simple way to keep family and friends updated, into a document of our homeschool journey.  I found so much rich content online that helped us on our journey, and for that I was so grateful.

So that's where we are at now, with this blog.  It has now turned into my way to give back and share our ideas and progress.  Our ups and downs.   What works for us, and what doesn't work for us.  Our personal homeschool journey.

As of this year (2015) we have been homeschooling for 4 years (counting from preschool age 3/4).  We are currently in our 5th year.  Over the years I've learned much about our way of schooling, and how my children thrive in learning.

Our way of schooling is eclectic.  We use methods known as Charlotte Mason (living books/literature), Unit Study, Traditional and we love child-led learning.

This is us, all crammed into one family selfie photo, from this summer at the beach:

The three West kids that you will hear about:

Connor, 2nd grade.  He's very much a hands-on (tactile) and visual learner.  He learns best by doing and by role playing.  I often think he has a photographic memory with the way he can spout back information to me after reading a book.  He loves to soak up information, via books, on topics he loves best:  Dinos, sharks, Star Wars, and anything that scares mom (like spiders).

Emma, preK (or K4).  She's our girly princess.  She loves to learn with worksheets and crafts.

Sam is our baby.  He doesn't officially "school" yet.  He learns by playing and by watching his siblings.  He loves (demands, even) to be included in any school project or reading.

And a quick blurb about the Mr. and Mrs:  We've been married coming up on 12 short years.  It really does all go by in a blink.   I hail from "the Mitten" of the U.S., and the Mr. is from Canada.  Often we Americans automatically think of Canada as "the North".  So I often hear about my move "north", when in fact I've moved South.  Quick geography lesson:

Michigan consists of two parts, connected by the mighty Mackinaw Bridge.  I come from a north east section of lower Michigan.  Currently, I live southeast of where I grew up, in Ontario, Canada.

And that concludes your quick geography lesson.  :D

You can follow along with our school adventures below:


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