Preschool Letter V

My littlest doesn't often agree to "do" school.  He prefers to just play and listen in on his older siblings lessons.  As such, he still doesn't know his basics at age 4.  (which is completely fine and actually normal, but having had 2 early and eager learners before him this is new territory to me).

Sammy spent his mornings one week watching disaster documentaries (hurricane, volcano, tornadoes).  Suddenly everything he walked on was hot lava and every cloud could be a tornado.  He even borrowed his sister's princess dress up shoes one day declaring them volcano shoes. They allowed him to walk on volcanos, make tracks, and cut volcanoes. Not only that, but the volcano would say "thank you!"

To try to squeeze in some basics (but really, who needs basics when you are a 4 year old volcanologist!?!) I made him a letter V is for Volcano and set him to work decorating.

Next we travelled upstairs (please forgive my iPhone photos, busy preschool life doesn't allow for mom's photography hobbies very often).  I made him some playdough and colored it orange, yellow and red and found our old burger king toy.

Finding printables for him proved to be a daunting task - but I did find a couple!.  1+1+1=1 has a Letter V pack we used, and 3 Dinosaurs has a couple volcano papers in the dino pack.


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