Kids Email {a review} Annual Subscription
Technology is something we are quite strict on in our home.  We allow our children 0 access to many things like personal email, personal iPods, personal iPads, etc.  In saving their precious hearts from the foolery that can be found online we are also restricting any positives that might come along, like communication with their extended family. 

We do live in an area with no family close by so communication is important to us.  We started allowing them supervised iMessages with their cousins, and most recently we have allowed them their own kids email!  They have been building precious relationships with distant relatives with an Annual Subscription from
What is Annual Subscription is an email service with several unique features which allow children to communicate with their friends and family in a safe environment. 

There are three different login options with  You can login as a parent, child, or teen, using a desktop computer or any mobile device.
Some Features:
  • Mail Monitoring - parents have option to receive copies of all incoming and outgoing emails
  • Contact Manager - add or remove contacts and set restrictions
  • Mail Queue - allows parent to intercept any email that is not from the child's contact list
  • Time Restrictions - restrict access at any time or day
  • Block Senders
  • Ad Free
  • GPS Tracking - for those that use the mobile app with a GPS enabled device
  • Customize Mail Folders
One feature we don't quite need yet, but I really liked for older kids and especially teens is that the parent can see any deleted emails.  I found this after logging into my parent account and from there logging into my child's account.  This feature is especially nice for those sneaky kids that might be trying to hide conversations from you.

Our Personal Use of
Upon receiving access to my new parent account at I set up two child accounts for my 9 year old and 6 year old.  Then I set to work adding their contacts and applying our chosen safety settings.
My kids are younger, so I appreciated that they'd only be able to send and receive from the contacts that I added to their list.  They can not alter this list in any way from within their child accounts (since I selected "no"). 
Additional settings not seen in the above image: 
  • Allow Links
  • Allow Attachments
  • Allow Bad Words in Received Email
  • Allow Tagline at Bottom of Message - this adds a message at the bottom of emails letting the receiver know the email is from a child.
  • Send Email Sender a Notification when Email Goes to the Mail Queue - this is for senders not within the approved contact list.  They will get an automated message explaining their email needs parental approval.
Under Manage Contacts you can add a name, email, and even a photo.  You have the option to add this contact to just one child or all children.  I liked I could add a photo for contacts they might not remember by name but would remember to see, like Great Aunts or distant cousins.
There are over 30 backgrounds your child can chose (or you can choose for your child).   This adds a little personal touch when using from a desktop.   This setting doesn't show up on mobile devices.
Our Personal Opinions
Email is not something I considered for my children.  Even when offered this wonderful opportunity I wondered if my kids would even get any use out of it because (in my mind) most people just use instant messaging now.  I thought they'd only have maybe one person that they could email.  As I filled in their contact list I realized just how wrong I was. 
Beyond just their being able to email, I have greatly appreciated the option for them to draw and send art. 
In addition I have enjoyed showing them how to compose a letter - using a greeting, a message (using full sentences and punctuation, please!) and ending with a salutation.  Hello hidden language arts lessons!  I've explained to them that they can be a bit more lose with formality with child cousins and friends, but should use respect for adult contacts.
So speaking of adult contacts.  My greatest joy has been in watching them interact with their Great Grandpa.  Communication with Great Grandpa has been so wonderful to witness.  I've also enjoyed watching them interact with Grandma, their 2nd cousin that lives hundreds of miles away, and their Uncle (I cried laughing at one email when the copy showed up in my own email).
And another example of their received email:
I have loved that, even though we live so far away, they can build relationships in a safe environment.
My 9 year olds thoughts:
"I really liked it because you can talk to people far away like my Grandma and Grandpa, my cousins, my Aunt and Uncle, and my Great Grandpa."

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