Junior Kindergarten Curriculum Choices 2016/17

For this little guy we are doing Before Five in a Row (b4fiar) occasionally.  He's a young JK'er, having just turned 4.  Mostly?  He's going to play. 
We'll be doing child-led learning using the books he picks out from b4fiar, or themes he picks out like Garbage Trucks, volcanoes, or tornadoes.  (He's a funny little dude).  Our most recent theme was birthday.  He was pretty upset about turning 4 though.
We are also using Talking Shapes... very slowly, I might add.  Sammy isn't one that is eager to grow up and he mostly likes to play.  So I only try to teach him when he's willing.

He loves to play with B. Bristle Block Stackadoos, making planes, cars, and construction machines.  He's a smart little fella.

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