Grade 4 Curriculum Choices 2016/17

We are changing things up this year and stepping away from Five in a Row as our main curriculum.  We will likely still visit it periodically, as we just love the curriculum.  Even so, we have decided to give Simply Charlotte Mason a try. 

I chose Early Modern & Epistles as our history study, with a substitution of Donna Ward's Courage and Conquest:  Discovering Canadian History in place of the two days of American History. 

I am not using the Individual Study found at Simply Charlotte Mason, instead I'm choosing to do our own thing.  For science we're finishing up our science curriculums we received for review as they have been so wonderful.   Science Sheperd, EdTechLens, and Apologia's Astronomy.  We'll also be reading many "living" science books such as Burgess.

We won't do the habit training offered at Simply Charlotte Mason, but rather will be studying character with Kids of Integrity, Everyday Graces by Karen Santorum, and themed picture books.

Scripture Memory will be from Seeds of Family Worship and Awana. 

His math is still Math-U-See.  I just love this program for him!

I have also added to his schedule, Apologia's Who is God?

For sex ed we are using What's the Big Deal? by Stan Jones and Where Do Babies Come From? by Ruth Hummel

That's it!

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