Exploring Creation with Astronomy, 2nd Edition {a TOS review}

Apologia: Exploring Creation with Astronomy Review

Apologia Educational Ministries has long been a favorite 1st choice vendor for our science curriculum needs, in our little homeschool.  We began our journey with Apologia's Exploring Creation with Human Anatomy and Physiology.  My son was only in 2nd grade at the time but he had a new passion to learn the inner workings of our bodies and I figured, why not!?  Who was I to stop him?  It also helped that Apologia actually recommends beginning where ever there is interest because kids just soak up so much information when they are interested.

Next we moved on to Exploring Creation with Astronomy after my eldest requested to learn more about outer space.  The copy I had was actually older than our Anatomy text and I immediately noticed.  While the wonderfully inspiring wording was still found, the beauty of the pages was lacking, and I missed the layout of the narration prompts.  So just imagine our enthusiasm when we learned about Exploring Creation with Astronomy, 2nd Edition!

Apologia: Exploring Creation with Astronomy Review

What we have received are 4 of the 5 materials currently offered for the Astronomy study:
  • the Student Text, 2nd edition
  • Astronomy, 2nd edition, Notebooking Journal - grades 3+
  • Astronomy, 2nd edition, Junior Notebooking Journal - grades K-3
  • MP3 Audio CD
In addition, there is a brand new science kit available for this study.

Exploring Creation with Astronomy (and all of Apologia's science) is young earth, creation based science.  When reading the text with my kids I always feel like we are getting a bible study and science all in one.  The wording is so inspiring and humbling.

Even though the class is presented in a textbook form, it uses the Charlotte Mason approach to learning, meaning the wording isn't stuffy and boring, but is rich and holds the interest of little minds.

The Student Text

This new, 2nd edition, is just so colorful, visually appealing, and laid out in a way to make the narration prompts and other little extras pop out better.  Maybe it's just easier to show in picture form, below.

There's new "callout boxes" with Wisdom from Above and Think About This, that focus on our Creator.  In additional you'll find updated full-color (might I add, gorgeous) photos and a new layout for the Activities.

There are 14 lessons to this study of Astronomy.  The whole course, if broken down into four to seven assignments per lesson, will take about a year to complete - depending on the pace, attention span, and age of your student.  Each lesson offers two or more fun hands-on-activities.

The Notebooks

The notebooks have changed considerably when compared to the 1st edition.  These new ones are full color and just so pretty.

In the notebooks you'll find a suggested schedule. which breaks the lessons into 4 to 7 daily assignments.

With these notebooks your students can document the facts they've learned, add their own reflections, make little books, practice handwriting with scripture and more!

The difference between the two notebooks is the Junior Notebooking Journal offers primary lines, coloring pages, and letter prompt for crosswords.  The other Notebooking Journal (intended for grades 3 and up) has regular lines for writing, harder crosswords, no coloring pages, and has an additional "What Do You Remember" page for each lesson, where the student can get all those facts s/he learned down on paper.

The Audio CD

The audio CD is an MP3CD and as such needs a compatible CD player or a computer in order to play.

We played this on our computer.  It has entertaining instrumental music.  This audio book is read by the author, Jeannie Fulbright.

This is intended to be used along with the text as Ms. Fulbright will refer to diagrams and/or photos in the text. 

A great option for the non-readers, struggling readers and/or audio learners!  (Or for the moms that want a break from reading - ha!)

In Our Family

We used the Exploring Creation with Astronomy materials with two students, grade 4 and grade 1 (with a preschooler listening in and sometimes joining our activities).  We worked at the course a little bit every school day, instead of the twice a week chunks.  I'd read a section of the text aloud to them, they'd narrate back (starting with the youngest) and then we'd work in the notebooks for a bit.  Working for 7 weeks at this pace we've made part way in to Lesson 3, Mercury.

Even though we've went part way through the previous edition of Astronomy I decided to start over with this 2nd edition because the student text is just so gorgeous.  (can you tell I'm a visual person?).  Plus my daughter hadn't worked with us in this course before.

Here is some of what we've done:

In Lesson 1 we learned what Astronomy is, what our solar system is and began our notebooking journey.

In Lesson 2 we learned why we should never look at the sun and we learned just how small we truly are.

In Lesson 3 we made craters in our flower pot (the activity says to use flour, not flower - but we improvised - ha!)

What my 9 year old thinks of Exploring Creation with Astronomy, 2nd Edition:

"I really like it because of all the activities and how much it teaches you.  And I like all the crafts (the notebooking journal books).  I really like the lesson on how we see color, well I liked learning that the sun beams bounces off objects.  I liked learning about solar eclipses.  Also, I really like the other (Apologia) books like Anatomy and my new one Who is God."

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Exploring Creation with Astronomy, 2nd Edition Review

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