Road Trip with Kids: Audio Books Part 3

Long summer days means lots of travel time with the kids.  Even if we are going just 30 mins across town, the kids ask to hear a book.
Here are our most recent favorites and most requested.  Also, you can check back on our 1st and 2nd list of audio books.

Sign of the Beaver, by Elizabeth George Speare, was well loved by both my 9 year old and my husband.  The story takes place in 1769 in the Maine's wilderness, with a 12 year old being left to care for his family's homestead while the father goes to bring the rest of the family to the new home.  Matt keeps himself busy preparing the home for winter and befriends a local Beaver tribe.
Velveteen Rabbit was a favorite story of mine when I was a kid, and it seemed like such a long story at the time.  As we were driving one day I remembered this old classic and decided to download it via Overdrive.  It actually isn't a long story but it is the perfect length for running errands around town.
Velveteen Rabbit was the one most requested by my 3 year old.
Young Fredle is a sweet story of a little mouse having to make a new home outside of the cozy warm he once found behind the kitchen cabinets.

I chose this story after my 9 year old declared he didn't care much for The Unfortunate Events books as they are never happy.  It made him uncomfortable.
What are your favorites stories to listen to as a family?

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