CTCMath {a TOS Review}

CTCMath Review
Our eldest has been using and loving CTCMath for over a year now.  He will actually ask to use it if I get distracted and forget to sit him down with his math videos.  Connor asking to do math is a huge deal because math is the subject he struggles with the most.
We did use and review this curriculum last year and have noticed some great changes the CTCMath Homeschool Membership.
What has remained the same is easy to see right away.  The lessons are the same familiar friendly voice (and cool accent!) with a short animated video explaining each concept.  The homepage remains the same as well as the parent/student separate logins.
You still have access to all grades and all lessons, so if your student needs to review a concept he can!  Or, if your child is excelling and can bump up a grade, that's an option too.  I've also considered adding myself as a student and reviewing the higher levels to refresh my math skills - and that is an option as well since under the Family Plan you can add up to 10 students.
Within the Parent area there has been a lot of great changes.  (Not to say it wasn't good before - it was!  But now it is even better!)
There are now 3 screens under the Parent Login.
  • Home
  • Tasks
  • Tools
Under the Home button you will see an overview of your student(s) activity, tasks assigned (if any), and under "Parents" bar, you can opt out email reports or change your login information.  With the Student section of the home page, you can add more students, and view individual profiles.
Tasks is a big difference when comparing to a year ago.  Here you can assign your students specific lessons for specific dates, or you can assign them diagnostic tests.
In the Tools section you can export data and look over every lesson offered at CTCMath.
The Student section (found under the Home tab of the Parent login) has changed considerably.  You can now, see at a glance, the login information of your student(s), a detailed report, summary report, results of any diagnostic tests, tasks assigned, awards, results of speed skills, and history.  This section is also where you can now reset any lesson or test you'd like.
I love that I can see not only this year (where we worked at 3rd grade and 4th with our eldest), but we can also see his past work too by clicking the drop down menu and viewing a different grade.
Guys!  That's just the Parent section!  How about we talk about the Student area a bit!?
I had two students learning their elementary math again this year.  My daughter (just turned 6) dabbled a bit into 1st grade while my son has been reviewing 3rd grade and testing the waters a bit with 4th grade.
They each have their own student login to use when it is their turn to learn. 
One change my kids love is that they can see what level certificate they are working at, with any group of lessons.  (These can be printed from the parent section.)
There are now options for the students to take a test at any time, with each group of lessons.  We opted to not, but I do appreciate that that is an option.
There are 4 groupings within the grades K-6
  • Numbers, Patterns and Algebra  (3rd grade has 58 lessons here alone!)
  • Measurement
  • Space and Geometry
  • Statistics and Probability
How CTCMath works is, you select a grade, select a topic, and then a lesson.  Wherever your child has been working is remembered for the next login, so he/she doesn't need to select grade and topic each time.  However, if needed, you are able to click the back arrow and select either a different topic or a different grade.
Once a topic and lesson are selected, a video lesson begins.  Here I noted that you can now download a PDF summary of each lesson.

You can pause or backtrack at any time during the video lesson.  Once complete your student is wished good luck on the questions - which are found under the tab above the video lesson.  The questions are interactive.  There's an option to have the question read aloud, and as the answer is submitted a green check mark appears for correct answers, or a red X appears with the correct answer if a wrong answer is given.  Progress is updated as your child answers, so that he/she knows how many more to expect - we loved this feature!
My 9 year old's thoughts:
"Well.  I like how they make instructions.  It is pretty cool.  It's a lot of fun in the math lesson."
And here, once again, my heart swells as my reluctant math student has used the word "fun" and "math" in the same sentence!
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