ABC Bunny: 3rd edtion

This past week the two oldest were away at day camp each day.  I took the opportunity to give the youngest some quality time and start him with Before Five in a Row (b4fiar).  This will be our 3rd time through the book and it is such a heart break for sentimental momma to know this is likely her last time teaching with this sweet age.

We focused on The ABC Bunny for our first row.  I didn't use the b4fiar manual since I've been through it for so many years now.  And since this is my 3rd child I am way way more relaxed and I aimed to JUST read the book to him for 5 days.  We overachieved in the sweetest ways.

At first Sammy wanted nothing to do with the book, but I gently encouraged him to sit and listen and he was hooked at C for Crash!

The next day he eagerly came running when I asked him to read.  This day I happened to see somewhere online a simple little experiment with shaving cream.  I don't remember the exact link - but it's all over pinterest now anyways.  I figured it was a perfect little activity as the book shows a storm in the background.  Plus Daddy wears a beard and doesn't need his shaving cream.  (plus my little precocious preschooler has been watching storm documentaries.  He's awesome.  I know.  lol)

We started with a little glass bowl but I soon decided to switch to a tall vase so he could see the "rain" better.
Afterward we switched to some simple color mixing, Paw Patrol style.  (because he refused to call colors by their true names, and instead will call them by their "paw patrol" name.)
Marshall and Rubble transformed into Zuma.  This was a favorite activity all week.  He'd sit for what seemed half the day and just play with the mixing and pouring.

On the last day we role-played with a little bunny and the help of some play lettuce and tiny pom poms.

Sam spontaneously started writing letter on the board (and self-portraits) so we matched magnetic letters to his masterpiece.

For a grand finale the real ABC Bunny paid a visit to us and "played" with Sammy's excavator.  (or at least that's what I told him).

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