Mr. Gumpy's Motor Car {FIAR}

Recently we completed another Five in a Row (FIAR) unit, with Mr. Gumpy's Motor Car.  This book is definitely on the shelf on favorites.  My youngest (3), especially loved this one and loves to point out Gumpy's motor car whenever one similar is spotted.  (We have a toy antique car).

This was an easy week for us, where we didn't do anything too elaborate, and just stuck with reading the book and doing a few things from the FIAR manual.

Only a couple extras were added in by us to accommodate our age range or preschool to grade 3.

Our preschooler actually requested school this week so we did pattern block car and he made a playdough letter C. 

This week he also insisted on painting pine cones and drawing our family (a first for him - so cute!)

Over in Kindergarten land we did nothing but read the book, really.  Girly is not interested in cars.  (outside this cute story). lol   -- I'm fine with a week of nothing as her imagination was still wonderful to witness as she dressed up in her finest and created a story board on our fence.

Of in 3rd grade land... well, it just so happened that he received an awesome Smithsonian Motor-Works for Christmas and it was perfect for this week.

A simple, but fun week!

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