A New Hobby

For about five years now our eldest has been working with clay - and getting pretty decent at it!

He's often found in his room forming dinosaurs and labeling them, making his own little "museum" that he likes to invite us too. 

Just the other week we were downtown at a science discovery event and came upon a booth put on by a local animation studio.  They had clay out and Connor got to work immediately, building an orangutan while the owners and us (parents) talked.  I was only half listening in my sinful anger, as we had seen them once before and their prices for classes were unaffordable to us.  But my husband kept at me until I came out of my stupor and realized he was trying to tell me they changed their prices to a per class - and it was very affordable to us!

I told the owners we'd LOVE to have our son attend as he just loves to work with clay.  At about the same time he picked up his now complete clay orangutan and the owner stopped mid-sentence in astonishment.  "He's good!  How old is he!?"

Being 9 he was a little young for their advanced class, but after hearing about his passion and seeing first hand how well he can form clay (considering his age), they asked if we'd like the more advanced class, which actually gets to animate.  YES PLEASE!

The feedback we got is that our son really has a knack for the concept of Claymation.  He just naturally gets what most of their teen students struggle to understand.  So the teachers just sit back and let him do his thing.

Lesson 1
Lesson 2
I'm really excited to see his progress as he learns from professionals and uses professional equipment!

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