Notebooking Pages Lifetime Membership {a TOS review}

Notebooking Pages Lifetime Membership Reviews
For quite some time now we have been working with the learning method of unit studies.  When I plan our unit studies I like to do so with an interest based mind-set.  So, for example, what ever happens to be my child's current passion (within reason) we will study. 
As they get older I have found it is hard to come up with themed pages for them to put down their thoughts or what they've learned, as a lot of printables offered are for Kinder or First Grade.  Never have I been more pleased with our interest based learning than I have been when using homeschool notebook pages from the Lifetime Membership over at
I had heard and looked into before but always dismissed it as something that wouldn't work for us.  It looked too confusing and/or time consuming.  None of which is true!! has been the most used and most requested product these past 6 weeks!  As in - all three of my kids are asking for pages to write in! (They are ages 3, 6 and 9).
When you log-in to the lifetime membership all fears of being overwhelmed or confused are eliminated as there is ample opportunity to familiarize yourself with notebooking.  There's an EasyStart Guide, Tutorials, Tips & Tools, Photo examples and videos, all of which are so very helpful!
Basically, any topic you can think of is offered here.  There are beginner pages, with Alphabet copywork letter themes.  There are Bible and Character pages, pages on Fine Arts, Geography, History, Holidays, Language Arts, and pages to notebook your nature studies!  If you can find a particular fit for your needs, there are blank pages offered.
So how does this all work?
Simple.  Choose a topic.  The first topic I chose was for my 3 year old, because he needed something to do to occupy his time while I worked with big brother.  I clicked on A-Z.  Then I got crazy excited.  Transportation!  My little guy is all about anything with wheels.

Each section, or topic, has a catalog that you can download along with the notebook pages.  That catalog is then used to as an easy glance sort of deal, to quickly see what all is offered in that particular group.  Your child also uses the catalog to pick which layout s/he would like for the topic.
I download the catalog and then the whole Transportation Notebooking Pages package, as I knew we'd be using this often.  (often was an understatement). 
I chose the first layout each time the little guy wanted a new page, since he's just only 3.  Then, he painted his little heart out, even with a sad little broken elbow.
He asked for these pages almost daily.  So he painted, he colored, and we even worked collaboratively one day, making a work of art with a fire truck paper.  I drew little stick figure West Family and he added color, "popsicles", and a mountain.
How we used this with our 6 year old
Next we have the sweet little flower picking 6 year old.   Every day she was picking flowers from our back yard so I printed off some pages for her to document her finds. 
These pages are found under "Science/Nature" - which is a large section!  You'll need to scroll down past Anatomy, then several choices of animal groups, Astronomy, and more, before you find "Wildflower, Weeds, & Garden Flowers".  There are 413 pages to this section alone!  You have the choice to download individual flower pages or the whole lot.  (I chose the whole lot).  Way at the bottom of the PDF I chose a notebook page to print out.
I wrote "Backyard Flowers" on the blank title line.  She colored her flowers and wrote the names of the flower (or weed) in the space provided. also assisted us in learning with her library books. She wanted to read about cats (wild and house) and I easily found her some pages to document want she wanted to remember. 
Under Science/Nature > Animals > Mammals we downloaded the catalog so she could choose her topic and layout, and then we downloaded the whole mammal zip offered.
Also, with the Kinder girl, we did a couple pages from the Nature Study.  In this 399 page PDF you will not only find many topics and several layouts of said topic, but you'll also find tips for using notebooking in your nature studies!  This section is where I found the idea to just print out a cute little framed picture for my daughter to draw her findings.

How we used this with our 9 year old
My 9 year old has had a passion for primates for about a year now.  When I told him about our Notebooking Pages Lifetime Membership he practically begged me for a page for Orangutans.  Not only did he complete a page, writing down all information he could remember, but he also scanned our printed copy of the Mammal:  Table of Contents for any other primates.  He completed them all in one day.
I feel it is very important to point right now that I considered at one time in our life to rename our son, "The Boy Who Will Not Write".  And here he is willingly writing things down for hours.  Why?  Because he is writing about his passion!
On the topic of his passions, he also has been obsessed with dinosaurs for at least the last 4 years.  After he satisfied his need to journal about primates, he moved on to the dinosaur section of  (also found under the Science/Nature section - we're a bit into science over here).
Currently, as I type this he's moved onto notebooking all he's been learning with his bible study, using the Bible/Character section. 
How did work as a group activity?
We were reading Firefly Hollow as a read aloud and I wanted the kids to journal any bits that they were learning as we moved along.  We opened up the Nature Study document again to access the section on Insects.  The two top pages, shown below, are the 9 year olds and the bottom two are from my 6 year old.
I think it goes without saying that we not only used our Notebooking Pages Lifetime Membership, but that we also have thoroughly enjoyed notebooking, using a page (or 20) near to every day!
My eldest is so proud of his quickly growing collection of homeschool notebook pages.
Do I think the Lifetime Membership is worth it?  Absolutely!  I don't know how we got by before without it!
We are most definitely going to continue to use Notebooking Pages Lifetime Membership.  As I was planning for our next school year I decided we'd learn about South America.  I thought to myself how I was going to easily find a good quality map that they could label.  The answer? - Geography section!
Notebooking Pages Lifetime Membership Reviews
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Notebooking Pages Lifetime Membership Reviews

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