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MaxScholar Reading Intervention Programs Review
MaxScholar Reading Intervention Programs is an online program offering many activities that will help your child improve his/her reading skills.  Recently we have been blessed with access to a twelve month subscription to one of MaxScholar Reading Intervention Programs, MaxGuru. 
There are three packs to chose from, at MaxScholar.  Early Start, MaxGuru, and the K-2 pack.  With MaxGuru, you have access to all products and all levels (pre-k to grade 12) that MaxScholar has to offer.

MaxScholar is best used with Google Chrome, and can be used with either computers or tablets.

What is included with MaxGuru?
  • MaxPhonics - more info below
  • MaxReading - more info below
  • MaxWords - learn how to build words with prefixes, suffixes, word roots and more
  • MaxMusic - a fun music game with several popular artists
  • MaxPlaces - learn of places from all over by reading a passage and answering questions
  • MaxBios - bios of interesting people from the past and the present
  • MaxVocab - learn definitions (from your MaxReading chapters) with fun games
MaxPhonics is intended for children aged 3-7.  Here young students will learn letter names as well as sounds and will begin to blend those sounds. 

Within MaxPhonics there are several options to choose from, all with a multi-sensory approach to learning.  Each option has several sections and sub-sections.  
  • Pre-K - learn consonants and short vowels, and listen to songs
  • Teen - learn consonants and short vowels, sight words, blends
  • Blends - multi-sensory learning for consonant blends
  • Digraphs - multi-sensory learning for 2 or 3 letters that make one sound
  • Clover - learn about six types of syllables, and the accompanying rules
  • Spelling Rules - learn rules that will help you to spell correctly
  • Games - memory game, word builder, space rhyming, words within words

If you have a preschooler, like we do (age 3), s/he could start with Pre-K, learning the names and sound of the consonants and short vowels.  Your child will have the option to hear letter songs, see how the letters are formed, see a short video clip of the letter spoken by a person, and see picture examples of the letter sounds (such as bird for b).
With MaxReading your student will learn to highlight, outline, and summarize fun passages, which helps them improve their reading comprehension.  Both of my students (ages 5 and 9) spent most of our review period within this section of MaxScholar. 
Here is where having access to the MaxGuru package really showed to be a blessing, which has all 12 levels available.  My 5 year old could work at her level (0 to 1) while her older brother worked on the higher levels (3 and 4).
There is just so much to this section.  I'll just talk about what we, ourselves covered.

With the 5 year old we worked with level 0.  With level 0, there are 5 "books" to choose from.  Prep-1 through Prep-5.
She finished all of Prep-1 and is currently in Prep-2.  So clicking there, she can see her progress and what is next.

With level 0, the students are simply looking at a picture, taking their time to notice detail, then they are asked a series of questions about the picture.  Immediate feedback is given.

After level 0, the kids are asked to highlight, answer questions, or summarize and outline (depending on level). 

My 9 year old tested up to the 9th level in MaxReading, meaning all those levels were unlocked.  We started out in level 3 (his grade) and while he had no problem reading it, he was very confused on highlighting and outline.  He was discouraged with the low grade (a D+) he received so I joined him for the rest of his sessions, keeping him in level 1 and working together.

There are 5 steps with level 1.  Reading, Highlighting, Check Highlighting, Questions, Score.

Levels 2 and up (that we've seen) adds outlining and writing exercises.

Games offered in MaxReading are:  Hangman, Definitions, and Word Search.

Next we dabbled in MaxMusic.  Here you can choose an artist or can choose to play games; Pair the Sound or MaxGuitar.

With MaxMusic you choose an artist, then a song.  Next you read the lyrics carefully and then choose one of 3 games:
  • Identify - find and click on any verbs found in the song lyrics
  • Fillers - verbs, adjectives, and nouns are removed from the lyrics and the student selects the correct word from a small drop down menu
  • Piano - much like the electronic game "Simon" you play a sequence of notes after the computer
Our Thoughts

There is just so much for your student to do with MaxScholar!  There's still MaxWords, MaxVocab, MaxBio, and MaxPlace that I didn't detail.

My 5 year old loved MaxScholar while my 9 year old was just "okay" with it.  He didn't hate it, or cry or complain to use it, but because of his low scores with the highlighting he was discouraged.  He's a sensitive fella.  He loved the games though and he loved the thought of MaxPlaces but upon entering into it he felt it was for much older students.  (Which is great for thinking this could really grow with the kids - meet them where they are at now, and still have so much to offer!)

My 5 year old loves rules and so loved the spelling games and such with MaxPhonics.  My 9 year old loved MaxMusic most.

We will continue to use this, my 5 year old continuing with her phonics and my 9 year old will continue with learning to understand highlighting.  I feel once he understands that we can really use MaxGuru to its full potential!

To read the other reviews of MaxScholar, and to read about the other packages offered and different ages, click the banner below:
MaxScholar Reading Intervention Programs Review

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