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Old and New Testament Online Self-Paced Bible Veritas Review
At 9 years old my eldest still requires a lot of my individual attention.  Working independently is something I have been striving for with my him for several months now.  We have not found any subject or program he can fully work on by himself, especially with Bible study, until we were introduced to Veritas Press.  
Veritas Press now offers a unique  one-year family subscription for their  This Bible Curriculum is all online, so can be accessed with your computer or anywhere you are with an iPad or tablet, that has access to wifi!
Old and New Testament Online Self-Paced Bible Veritas Review
With this interactive online Bible Curriculum you are able to add as many students, from your immediate family, as you need to.  When adding students, you are able to personalize each with a cute little avatar.  For ourselves I added 3 students - my son (9), my daughter (6) and myself. 
So far 3 courses are offered.  There is Genesis to Joshua, The Gospels, and Judges to Kings.  Each course has 128 lessons!  Two additional courses have been announced, and are coming soon:  Chronicles to Malachi and Acts to Revelation.

There is a lot to love with Veritas Bible:
  • The video dramas with the two siblings are engaging and humorous
  • The maps are animated, fun to look at, and change as you advance.   
  • Reviews are interactive
  • There are several memory tools such as songs and systematic reviewing
  • Games
  • Interactive quizzes In Our Home

I had my daughter (age 6) work on first.  She enjoyed the videos and the songs, however, we quickly ruled out this program for her right now as the quizzes were much to difficult for her.  In order to advance on the map the student must pass the tests (which is a good thing!).  I would like to revisit this program with her when she's a bit older.

We carried on with exploring the Bible Curriculum with just my eldest (age 9), who absolutely loves the lessons.  He has worked independently, in the first course, from Genesis up to The Flood.

From the map a lesson window is opened.  All videos lessons, readings, quizzes and games are completed in this window.

There were couple things that really stood out to me, while my son happily worked away at Bible lessons.  One is that there is a catchy song, repeated throughout the Genesis to Joshua course, to learn the order of events.  After several weeks of this song being heard in our house my little 3 year old has started to chime in and sing along, especially during the chorus.  Another moment stood out, again with the song, when my 9 year old came to a question in the lesson about where a certain event can be found in the bible (what's the scripture reference?).  He began to sing the song of events and then announced to me, "I know the reference because of the song!  {singing} Genesis to Joshua: number 1 is Creation . . . Cain and Abel down in Genesis 4!"

What my 9 yr old has to say: 
"Well.  I like the games.  I like how they make the videos - they dress up pretty good!  I like how Asher is on time and his sister is late and he hides behind the rock and makes a silly scared faced.  It was funny.
I like the videos because they talk about the bible before sending you into a review.  And test days are sometimes easy because it is a bunch of reviews.  At the end of every lesson you get a flag but at the end of the test you get a one flagged banner that gets a 1 or 3 star.  3 if you get 100%! and I almost always get 3!
Why I think Veritas Bible worked for my son:
  • He loves drama and role play (just like the videos are presented) 
  • He loves humor (the videos are sometimes funny)
  • He is a visual learner
  • He loves when he is allowed to work on the computer
  • He thrives on play based learning (there are several games throughout the courses)
  • He hates worksheets and "book work" (Veritas Bible is online based, eliminating need for books - except for his own Bible).
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Old and New Testament Online Self-Paced Bible Veritas Review

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