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Forbrain – Sound For Life Ltd Review

We've been working lately with an award winning high tech device from Forbrain - Sound For Life Ltd.  Forbrain uses bone conduction, rather than air waves, creating an unique auditory vocal feedback loop.  This trains your brain to be more attentive.  It improves your auditory processing, attention, retention, and improves your speech and confidence.

Forbrain has the unique bone conduction headset, which includes a dynamic filter and microphone.  You're probably wondering what is significant about bone conduction, or maybe even what that means.  Think of when you plug your ears, how your voice sounds different.  You're blocking out the air waves and hearing the vibrations - the bone conduction. 

The Forbrain headphone is worn in front of your ear opening, allowing you to still hear background noise, but enhancing your own voice using vibrations.  This audio vocal loop helps cut down on distractions that would otherwise prevent you from listening well.

Brain stimulation happens by simply reading aloud, or speaking, while wearing the Forbrain headset for as little as 20 minutes a day.  When wearing the headset individual sounds are more easily heard and discriminated - and as such, the headphone has several purposes:
  • Improve Attention - auditory processing and/or sensory integration
  • Improve Speech
  • Improve Short-term Memory
  • Improve Concentration
  • Improve Pronunciation
  • Improve Reading and Writing
Forbrain can be used by anyone wishing to improve his/her speech and communication skills, except those under age 3, those with Parkinson's, those with epilepsy (unless under the advisement and supervision of a specialist), those who wear a cochlear implant, or those who have a hearing loss of 80%.

How we used Forbrain:

There are 5 of us in our household and all five of us wore the headset daily, for 6 weeks.

My eldest is 9.  He has always had auditory processing issues.  His ears are very sensitive, and because of this he is very distractible.  I was concerned that, since he is very sensitive, the headset would bother him.  It is advised to not adjust the volume unless you have sensitivity issues (whether high or low sensitivities) so I was prepared to adjust it for him.  However, he wore the headset with no complaints and needed no adjustments.  As for his speech, he doesn't really have any issues that require intervention of a therapist.  He does mutter, forgetting to enunciate his words.

I had the eldest wear Forbrain to read aloud his schoolwork, whether it was a chapter book or a science lesson.  He enjoyed wearing it and found that he could concentrate better.  In his own words, he stated to me that he felt he could also speak more clear and he enjoyed the sound - which is amazing to me for a kid that used to hide under the playground slide and scream in terror at the auditory input. 

I also had our 5 year old wear Forbrain.  She has a lisp, and she also lacks confidence in reading.  She can read at least at a 4th grade level, but insists she doesn't read well.  When she speaks it is hard to understand her as she speaks in near whispers.

The very first time I had her wear the Forbrain headset I heard a remarkable improvement in her confidence and with her speech - and this is with our first use!  She spoke clear, had a wonderful volume, and she was even sort of rapping her story! 

We continued with her wearing it to read aloud her story books, and she was easily able to read with it for 15-20 minutes and not get bored or disenchanted with reading.

In addition to the 9 and 5 year old, we also had the 3 year old wear Forbrain.  He has a hard time hearing a word and then saying it correctly.  For example we'll say "limousine" and he'll say "masodine."  With him I'd sit him in my lap and say a word and he'd repeat it back to me.  Over the course of using Forbrain he's since learned to better pronounce his words - including limousine.  With him, since he's three we would work only maybe 10 minutes a day.

This is definitely something I want to revisit again with you, my readers.  My children don't have any significant speech delays.  While the oldest does have auditory issues, I am so curious on seeing how this can benefit some friends of ours that have apraxia. 

I do think Forbrain is worth the cost if you have significant speech delays or speech impediments.  It's also quite useful to use as a family - I love that everyone can use it, not just the one as a disadvantage.  For myself, I liked to wear Forbrain as I read to my children. 

To see other reviews on how families used Forbrain and how it blessed them, click the banner below: 

Forbrain – Sound For Life Ltd Review

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