Looking for Log Hotels

It's still pretty chilly here in Ontario, but we've been managing to get out and see if we can find any signs of life now that most of the snow is gone.
We recently read a really good "living" book, Log Hotel by Anne Schreiber.  It was recommended as part of an activity for supplemental science we've been doing, EdTechLens.  The book is hard to find so we got it with our interlibrary loan.
Following the books example we set out to find various states of decomposition in logs and see the signs of new life - even though right now everything is still in hibernation - and to see if we could find any nests. 
We actually found far more than I was expecting.  I love our little conservation area!
This (above) was a rare time Daddy got to teach.  He was showing how this tree was very rotted and was soon going to fall.  It already had signs of being a "Log Hotel", and wasn't even on the ground yet!
A hollowed out log and a log with insect trails!
Super neat natural playscape at the conservation area.

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