Boys Love Paper Crafts Too

Art was my favorite hobby as a child.  I loved to color, trace and paint.  As I grew I taught myself to draw portraits.  However, teaching my kids to be creative overwhelms me.  It wasn't until I stopped trying to press my thoughts on them with art curriculum/books/lessons that I started to see their own original handiwork shine.

I just set up a little area where mess was okay and supplied papers, coloring utensils, scissors, tape, brads and a willing attitude to help with their own ideas. 

My eldest watched one day as I printed off some vintage paper dolls for his little sister to color and cut out.  He was visibly upset that there weren't any boy themed paper crafts to print out.  Even if I could find some animals or something gender neutral for him he was upset it couldn't move.

So he set out and started creating his own.  He made knights with moveable arms, legs and swords.  He made a Mario and Luigi team.  He made Minecraft characters.  He made dinosaurs. 

The only help I provided was when he explained to me he would like them to be more sturdy.  So I had him make a new dino and I laminated it before he cut it out. 

What he uses:
  • cardstock
  • colored pencils
  • laminating sheet
  • scissors
  • push pin (to make a hole)
  • brads (those tiny scrapbooking ones)

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  1. Great idea! You've got my wheels turning.

  2. Yes! My boys love paper crafting too. They scrapbook their photo's from time to time also.


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