Another Celebrated Dancing Bear {FIAR}

We just finished our "row" of Another Celebrated Dancing Bear.  While I don't have much in the way of pictures - we did have so much fun with this one.  I liked the story a lot more than I expected too.  It's a sweet story of friendship between two bears, Boris and Max.

To start our week we studied Russia for the first time in our school, located it on a map and talking about things that come from Russia - like The Nutcracker!  We also learned this is where matryoshka dolls come from and conveniently the kids each had gotten Matryoshka Dolls for Christmas. 

We focused on manners for house guests from "My Little Golden Book of Manners" and invited some family over for dinner.

From the FIAR cookbook we had cabbage soup for dinner one night.  Another day we used a recipe from "Eat Your Way Around the World" and made beef stroganoff, being sure to recognize the Russian custom of serving appetizers first. 

For dessert we had Russian Tea Cakes.  Sooo yummy!!  (When I was a kid my mom made these every winter, but we called them snowballs.  I soon as I read the recipe for Russian Tea Cakes from the cookbook I recognized it andknew what a treat we were in for.)

For art we used our Kumon Drawing Book to learn how to draw a bear.

For math (ages 9, 5 and 3) I downloaded several different things.  Word problems, addition, patterning and graphing - all that used counting bears.

I also printed off props from KizClub for Hickory, Dickory, Dock for my youngest.

I would definitely revisit this title again and look forward to doing more when we aren't so burnt and busy with other school things.

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