Tipped Tractor Birthday Cake

I've been revisiting some of the birthday themes we have had for our eldest, Connor.  His 3rd birthday was the first birthday I got a little creative and catered the party entirely around his love at that time - Pixar Cars.  Connor's favorite scene was when Mater and McQueen went tractor tipping.
When I was browsing birthday cake ideas I had seen a picture of a John Deere tractor and figured if I just frosted it brown, gave it eyes, and tipped it - then I'd have the perfect Pixar cake for Connor.
The front tire was made with prunes attached with a toothpick.  The smokestack was a black licorice.  The rear tires were tractor tire donuts.
For snacks we had:
Fillmore's Organic Fruit Salad
Luigi's Tower of Tires (little chocolate donuts, stacked)
Flo's Fuel (a drink)
Red's fire hoses (pretzel sticks) 
I did simple decorations of little printed road signs.
Have you ever done a quirky and/or fun birthday theme to cater to your child's passion?

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