The Duchess Bakes a Cake {FIAR}

We are slowly making our way through Five in a Row's volume 3 book this year (and also volumes 1 & 2 we've never done).  February is a busy birthday month for us so we started it out with The Duchess Bakes a Cake, by Virginia Kahl. 

This is a title our library didn't have so we purchased it and I am ever so glad we did!  All three kids (ages 8, 5 and 3) piled onto the couch with me to listen to this story daily.  It is just so fun!


Since it was such a busy time for us we started our week with science play.  The palace guards use a catapult to try to get the Duchess down so we made a pencil catapult.  I couldn't find instructions so just had looked at a picture and duplicated it with rubberbands and a plastic spoon.  We started out shooting marshmallows but it was a disaster (tons of fighting and tears over eating them), so we switched to pom poms.   

The Duchess puts yeast in her cake - 6 times for good measure!   We did a simple little yeast experiment with a pop bottle and balloon.  This is one where I goofed.  I was expecting immediate results.  Our little "Pop Bottle Science" book didn't mention a time or anything, just said what to do then we stood there and stared at it and were underwhelmed.  I got impatient and switched to a new pop bottle and balloon and still nothing.  So we left it.  Hours later we walked into the kitchen and got a nice little surprise, and a decent lesson in patience.

Math/Critical Thinking

I've been looking at this castle game, Camelot Junior, and thought now would be a perfect time to do it.  It was a bit cheaper at a local store (Chapters Indigo), so we got it there.  The kids loved this game.  The only complaint came from my eldest.  He did not like that the Knight has to be rescued sometimes too - made him so angry.  ha!!  I love that it isn't just the girl in need of help.

I also had the 8 year old build a castle of his imagination from Lego bricks.  I was quite pleased with his efforts.

Fun Extras

I made some playdough (pink for Valentine's Day) and played with the youngest singing the Pat-a-Cake nursery rhyme.  He also decided to build a birthday cake and play at blowing the candles out and serving slices.

We read lots of fun birthday themed books and plenty of medieval and/or castle themed books.  (just whatever I liked from our library in the juvenile non-fiction section 940.1)


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