Our Favorite Educational iOS apps

In our home the kids do not get a lot of electronic time, and of course this includes the iPads.  When they are given a few minutes I like to have them play good quality learning type apps.

Over the course of about 4 years we have collected many great apps, and many nonsense ones that get deleted quick after I see how saturated it is with ads, or how poor of a game it is.  These ones listed below (in no particular order) have stood the test of time and have yet to disappoint me.

Park Math HD - by Duck Duck Moose.

Park Math has three levels of difficultly, for early math.

It teaches counting, patterning, addition, subtraction, sorting, and more with 7 different games.

My 3 year old particularly loves feeding hippo.

Currently $2.99 CAN

ABC Go - Peapod Labs LLC;(food, transportation, music)

This is currently my 3 year olds most favorite app.  ABC Go is all things transportation, so he learns some common things like F is for Firetruck.  But there's also some less known (to us) like G is for Gondola.  (It also has Garbage Truck). 

There's pictures, videos and interactive screens.  Peapod Labs also has so many other awesome ABC apps, such as music, and food.

Currently $3.49 CAN

I Hear Ewe - Animal Sounds for Toddlers - Claireware Software

This app was a clear fave when each of my kids were 2.  With this app the child touches a picture and the picture enlarges and makes the sound.

It has many sections such as animals, insects and transportation.

Currently free in the app store.

Endless Reader - Originator Inc.

This is a free app with in app purchases.  Usually I avoid the "in app cost" type games, but for this one I made an exception.  This is a hilarious little game with mischievous funny little (non-scary) monsters that mix up words.  Your preschooler then grabs the monster letter and puts it back in it's spot while the little monster chants his letter sound.  So fun!!  Always many giggles with this one.

We also love Endless Numbers - Originator Inc..

The Human Body by Tinybop - Tinybop Inc.

This. app. is. amazing

Your child explores an interactive model of the human body.  I really just don't know where to begin to explain this gem of an app.

You can explore some things up close, like eyes, heart, lungs, etc.  Or you can explore systems such as skeletal, respiratory, etc.

Currently $4.59 CAN (and worth every penny)

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  1. We really enjoy the endless reader and endless number apps too.


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