Lately, in our life

I haven't been posting weekly school recaps like I had been last year, with FIAR (Five in a Row).  This year we have been struggling to find our groove with the youngest addition officially joining us in homeschool. 

Now that half of our school year is complete I think we are finally in a comfortable routine and have been soaring through some things. 

We still visit FIAR every so often, but mostly are doing our own unit studies with Canadian themed books until the kids have a good grasp of their country.

Emma has been doing so very well with her work that I decided it was time to bump her up a grade.  She's taught herself to read - which is just amazing.  I didn't want to rush her through her kinder year, but I started to feel like I was holding her back as well. 

Sammy, who is just barely 3, is favoring the kitchen as his most favorite place to learn.  We often are cooking and baking together and he is quickly learning to count and measure.   It is just such a blessing to be able to cater to each child's way of learning. 

Connor is still a very hands on learner.  He has a need to build and draw and act things out.  He also love to read non-fiction books which makes science such a breeze to "teach" with him.  (as really I don't need to teach, he's taken the reins on that area).

Anyways, that's just a quick update on a small part of our life lately.


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