One Word 2016

Last year here at West Word Blog, we focused our minds on one word - the Word.  I had wanted to teach myself to always turn to the Word in anything.

About mid year I started suffering from panic attacks.  My doctor and I discussed options and she said I could medicate, but she wanted me to attempt to go without if I was okay.  I could have hugged her.  Medication isn't always the answer and I am so thankful I have a doctor that is not an eager beaver with meds. 

I turned to God's Word, with the help of Elyse M. Fitzpatrick's books, and I can honestly say that I can cope.  The attacks are far fewer and when they do come they are short lived. 

This year I want to further renew myself.  Any broken relationships, ill feelings, lingering anger, forgiveness.  I pray it is all washed clean and renewed with a right spirit.

Blessings to all in the new year!  <3


  1. So glad that God has helped you with the panic attacks, and praying that He enables you to overcome and to continue to renew yourself. Great word!

  2. What a blessing to have a doctor that understands there is more to medicine than medicines! What a wonderful thing that you reached out to God's extended hand to help you through the anxiety and I am sure you will continue to renew through him and by him. I love the word you chose but especially the verse.

  3. How wonderful that God has helped you with your panic attacks, and a blessing that your doctor is willing to try more than just medication. You are so right about how important our one Word is THE Word. May you be blessed as you renew yourself this year.

  4. It's always a blessing to have a doctor that's on the same page as us! Renew sounds like a great word, and I'm praying you have many blessings in 2016! Thanks for linking up at Pea of Sweetness!


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