Blue Ribbon Awards 2015

My first year on the TOS Review Crew has came to an end and soon we will be gearing up for another year!  It has just all went by so incredibly fast!

The Crew has voted for our favorite products in many categories.  Being in Canada I don't get a chance to review as many product as the others, but we've personally been blessed with about 23 of great products.  Of the ones I have had a chance to review, my top 5 favorites would have to be:

1) Maesto Classics - I just loved this audio story set to classic music!  We've listened to this no less than 5 times already.

2)  Successful Homeschooling Made Easy - this was something I was not excited to review and it ended up being a favorite.  The advice and helps found in this e-course are invaluable!

3)  Cursive Logic - this program is so wonderful in teaching children how to write in a simple and quick way.  This has been tremendously helpful in our school with our reluctant writer.

4)  Homeschool Legacy -  This is something I wouldn't have thought to get for us.  Our bird study was so much fun and I am so thankful for the opportunity to work with this study

5)  LaLaLogic - this preschool curriculum is so fun and multi-sensory.  It is just brilliant.  I loved it so much that we went ahead and bought her poetry book for kids.

6) SmartKidz Media - I know I said top 5 but I have to squeeze this one in too.  This website is so wonderful and we use it so often.  My eldest especially loves it.

7) - let's just go ahead and ignore that I said top 5 because I can't leave without mentioning this company.  I am so grateful for being introduced to this Christian movie company!  We're buying some more kids dvds for stocking stuffers.

8)  Middlebury Interactive Languages - Emma (age 5) is still going strong on learning French.  She loves her lessons and often big brother joins.  Whenever we have company Emma shares her new language knowledge - I just love it!

The kids' top favorites:

Connor's most favorite this year was Homeschool in the Woods.  He had such a blast and it works so well with someone that likes learn in many ways- audio, visual, hands on. 

Emma's favorite was Maestro Classics.  Seriously such a good company.  We are going to purchase more of the stories and gift one to a family friend for Christmas.

To see who won the Blue Ribbons click the banner below and also be sure to visit the crew's blogs to see their own personal favorites which could be different than the overall winners.
2015 Schoolhouse Review Crew Blue Ribbon Awards

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  1. Some of those were our favorites as well! It was a great year for Crew reviews.


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