Reading Kingdom {a TOS review}

We recently have been introduced to Reading Kingdom.  Over the summer Emma (5) has learned to read but is lacking confidence.  We decided to give Reading Kingdom Online a try to see where it leads her, and have been given a one year subscription for review.
Reading Kingdom is a research based online program that teaches children ages 4-10 how to read and write, up to grade 3.  What sets Reading Kingdom apart from other reading programs is it teaches 6 skills, and is disguised as a fun and easy to use game.  Other curriculums teach one skill - phonics
The six skills Reading Kingdom teach are:
  • sequencing
  • writing
  • sounds
  • meaning
  • grammar
  • comprehension

The first task for your child, if needed, is a session of keyboard and mouse training.  Emma didn't need this particular exercise so we just began with the placement test.  Throughout the entire reading program there should be little to no adult help and this is especially so with the placement testing as the sessions are adaptive to your child's individual abilities.

After the placement test your child will be in either Seeing Sequences or Letter Land.  In Seeing Sequences the student learns "left-to-right" order and memory recall.  In Letter Land the student will learn keyboarding skills such as location of letters and the purpose of the shift key.

Following those two sections is Reading and Writing levels 1-5 and Progress Checks for levels 1-5.

Scrolling down on our dashboard there is a series of very handy links that will take you to instructions on how to redo a lesson, instructions for skipping ahead, answers to the timing of sessions and what we needed - how to increase response time needed (should I choose to make it a little easier on her).

Emma has remained in the Seeing Sequences section since beginning her use of Reading Kingdom.  Usually this area is completed in 1-2 weeks so the program has adjusted to give her the time she needs to achieve mastery.

This program works on any device that has an internet connection.  Emma used it on both an iPad and then an Mac computer, with no troubles. 

Each session  of Seeing Sequences has 15 "questions".  After each question is answered it is followed by a cute little animation relating to whatever the word was.  When all 15 are answered correctly then the session is done for the day and the student is taken to a page where he/she can complete another one, do some reading, or end for the day.

Emma almost always chose the pink arrow, which links to some extra reading practice.  She always looks forward to this part. 

Here, she would chose from a list of words, and be taken to a short little game type activity to chose the right word spoken to form a sentence.  It was here that she learned "period" and "question mark".

Shown below is an example of the sentence structure, before the wrong word choices, shown in orange, disappear.  (This example is from one of her iPad sessions.)

I think this is an excellent program for a child to learn with, especially if you have multiple kids as with Reading Kingdom your student has to work independently.

We found the program easy to navigate with clearly spoken instructions.  Emma always looked forward to her sessions.

I'd have to say my favorite part is the versatility.  When we were given the program to review we had already had a scheduled vacation planned.  Taking Emma's lessons with us was as simple as packing up our mini iPad.  That's it!  We had a wonderful vacation and she was able to easily keep up with her 3-4 recommended sessions for the week.

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