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Little Boy has a few familiar faces such as Emily Watson, Kevin James, Michael Rapaport and more. Review no 2
The story is set in a small town called O'Hare, in California, 1939.  The unseen narrator begins by talking of his only friend, his partner, and starts with the day they first met, which cuts to a father greeting his newborn son with, "Hi Partner."

Eight years later we learn that Pepper isn't growing normally.  The local doctor, Dr. Fox says he has no diagnosis and gives him the nickname, "Little Boy".  This is meant to be a kinder way of saying dwarf or midget, but the neighborhood bully, Freddy, uses "Little Boy" as a derogatory term and soon most of the town is following suit. 

Pepper's being little never bothers his father, James L. Busbee, and they are shown often playing imaginatively in epic battles against crime where Mr. Busbee will call out, "Do you believe you can do this!?" and Pepper will answer, "Yes, I believe I can do this!"

Their favorite super hero is a magician super crime fighter, Ben Eagle.  Mr. Busbee gives Pepper a comic book and they make plans to see the new show together, which sadly never happens.

Pepper's older brother, London, goes to join the war efforts and is denied, thereby ensuring that his father has to take his place.  The family, of course, is devastated and each reacts and copes in completely different ways.

One Sunday Pepper and his family are attending church where Fr. Crispin is preaching about faith "the size of a mustard seed".  If you have faith the size of a mustard seed you can move a mountain.  Move a mountain and you can do anything.

Pepper, in his innocence, takes the sermon on the mustard seed in a literal sense as well as his new title of honorary colleague to Ben Eagle and sets out with determination to bring back his dad.  We are then introduced to an older and much more patient Fr. Oliver who explains that Ben Eagles powers are not real, but that faith and power through faith is very real.    He gives Pepper an "ancient list", playing on Peppers need of a quest. 

And here we are set off on the rest of the story with Pepper trying to grow his faith in the hopes to get his father back home safely.

My thoughts

I first watched this show with my husband and later with my children after deciding that any mature content or violence of the PG-13 rating was safe for viewing for my crew.

The mature content that was shown was the racism against the Japanese man in the community and the violence that was also related to racism as well as bullying and a couple scenes of war.  Nothing was gory or too scary for my 2, 5 and 8 year olds as it was all done very tastefully and it made for some good talking points after the movie.

The trailer I watched turned out to be misleading, in my opinion.  The trailer leads us to think maybe Pepper gains some form of super power and that Fr. Oliver is explaining to Pepper about his new "power".  That is not the case at all.  The trailer shows the scenes out of context and the actual story is much more true to real life.

The story takes us through all kinds of powerful emotions through the characters, who did a stellar performance in their roles.

My son's thoughts

Connor, 8, asked me during the show about London - Pepper's older brother.  London displays a lot of anger and turns to alcohol.  In one scene he is arguing with this mother and Connor asked, "Does he even love his mom!?"

I had not even considered this, viewing it with an adult perspective I see London's reaction very adult-ish (human).

We talked and I explained that of course London loves his mom, but he is angry and allowing that to control and consume his actions.

It was at this point I realized that Connor, of course, relates better to Pepper in his steadfast determination to save his dad at all costs, especially since the adults weren't going to do anything but yell at each other.  Right?  I was then reminded of Jesus' saying of  "Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven." (Matthew 18:3)

Closing Thoughts

I would certainly recommend this movie to anyone.  There are so many great insights, topics and lessons packed into 106 mins.

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