Harold and the Purple Crayon {FIAR}

For our very first "row" of the year with 3rd grade, Kinder, and preschool, I chose Harold and the Purple Crayon.

"... he set off on his walk, taking his big purple crayon with him."

I had saved a DIY chalk a while ago on my Pinterest page and it came to mind with this row.  So we did a bit of science (mixing and setting of the plaster), learned why plaster turns a bit warm, and then set off on a walk, taking our big purple chalk with us.

Emma found a piece of bark that she was intrigued by and when we got home she decided she wanted to paint it, so I gave her red and blue paint.

On another day I had big brother read the book to Emma.

Afterwards, we painted one-eyed, one-horned flying purple people eaters.  (the link where I got the idea isn't working right now)

From the library we got a couple books:   Purple: Colors in Nature by Heather Adamson (this was a really neat book telling what was purple and also why.), and we also got Turning Wax Into Crayons.

To end our week, we visited a nearby conservation area that took us up to view Toronto in the far away distance because we were to drive through it the next day.

"Harold knew that the higher up he went, the farther he could see."

While up there we spotted some planes, trains, and a couple turkey vultures.  Before we left Connor was silent then said, "It's so peaceful up here.  I feel so calm."

Walking back out we played with shadows, reflections, and we also located "Harold's" moon.

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