Friday Field Trip: Elora Gorge

Recently we ventured away from home for an afternoon of adventure. 

Adventure it was.   It took us about 45 mins of driving, stopping for bloody noses (thank you Sammy), and driving again.

We have never been to the Elora Gorge before so we did some wandering along the fence line, trying to locate the stairs, which happened to be in a very obvious location right at the entrance to the park. 

Once we located the stairs we made our way down, and then down again on the steep rocky terrain.  At this point I may have had a little bit of a panic as to how I was going to lug Sam back up the Gorge, but in the meantime the kids explored the shallow waters and the awesome little caves.

Connor found some clay and took some home to see what would happen if he shaped it and let it dry.

This is something we are definitely doing again soon as there is still so much to do and see!

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